In multiplayer games, especially shooters, cheating by using various methods like aimbots has been a pretty popular option for gamers. Garena Free Fire usually is very strict about anti-cheat. If you get detected by the anti-cheat system, a permanent ban is pretty much imminent. The next time they log into the game, players would be met with a dreadful message: "Your account has been suspended."

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No one would like to see this message when booting up Free Fire

However, in some rarer cases, some unusual issues happen and your account gets banned by mistake, it is possible to appeal to the system and get it unbanned… if you know how to connect the supports team. They can resolve a lot of other similar issues as well, like a payment related, for example. If you buy premium currency in-game but don't get it despite the charge on your account - contacting these guys is the key.

Below are the steps that you can do to get in touch with Garena's customer support team:

  • Open up the customer service portal for English speaking countries of Garena using this link.
  • Afterward, you can either browse through the "Frequently asked questions" to look for the specific issues you are having. If you are there to unban your account or the issue is not listed, proceed to create a request by selecting the "submit a request" button on the top right corner of your screen.
The page also contains a lot of useful information about the common issues that could happen to your account
  • Fill out the following forms. You have to be very respectful and describe your issues in great detail, with as much information as possible. You might need to provide proof as well.
This request can also be used to report hackers as well
  • The customer service team is going to reach out to you after your request was submitted.

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