The popular Clash Squad mode of Garena Free Fire has finally gotten a ranked update in the Kapella patch. This newly improved mode would offer players some of the most competitive Free Fire gameplay yet – and in this Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks guide, we would point out some of the most important things that you have to do to win.

1 – Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks: Realize your own role

This is probably the first and most important thing that you must do after hitting up a game: realize what role you are best at. Rusher? Sniper? Strategist? Back up? It all depends on your strengths and weaknesses. While in the first round this isn’t really crucial, it is really needed from the second round forward. Plan your strategies based on the role you play.

Free Fire clash squad tips
Clash squad ranked mode has become very popular after its release

2 – Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks: Positioning is key

Once you have decided on a role, the next part is to figure out where to go next in order to support your team. For example, if your job is sniping, doing cover fire at a longer range in the first round, with an inventory of an M500 and a mushroom. In this case, the ideal position that you should take is the backline, a relatively safe distance from enemies. Keep consistent with your current strategy and weapon is important, as the moment you are careless and stray too close in, an enemy with something like a G18 could appear and finish you off.

Free Fire clash squad tips
You need to have a well-coordinated team in order to win

Overall, in competitive games, positioning and team coherence are the unseen aspects that prevent you from getting killed.

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3 – Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks: Learn how to use the Smoke Grenade more effectively

In this kind of mobile game, a smoke is super important – maybe even more than in a normal FPS on PC. The grenade would disable the auto-aim lock, which makes going through the area highly dangerous – you would not be able to respond to enemies’ attacks on time. This is more about the weaknesses of mobile shooters than anything, as the smoke is often just minor inconvenience against mouse and keyboard.

The Fog lasts for 25s – you might want to use that duration to prepare for some more important things like the following:

Reviving your fallen teammates

A well-positioned smoke could buy time for you to revive multiple teammates that were knocked down, Wait for the fog to set in and go. When multiple squad members are down in the same area, it is best that you ask them to come closer to each other so your task with the smoke becomes easier. If the enemies are doing this, you can throw a grenade inside to counter them.

To cover a rush attack

Camping is something both teams would often do when the zone hasn’t shrunk far enough. And because of that, rushing in sometimes is a good idea, as it would surprise your enemy leaving little time for them to react. A cloud of smoke is a great tool to prevent incoming damage. You can throw them inside a building and rush in, for example. This would leave your enemies slightly disoriented.

Free Fire clash squad tips
Gloo walls can be pretty useful when reviving teammates

To get back into the safe spots

Once the play area starts to shrink down, players often abandon their current cover to head towards a safer zone, exposing themselves to damage in the process. With a smoke cover, the spray damage would be greatly reduced. You would need to use grenades and random sprays to counter those.

4 – Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks: Kar98k’s biometric scope is overpowered

This sniper rifle has just become one of the best weapons in Clash Squad, as it comes pre-equipped with a biometric scope. You can deal a pretty consistent amount of damage with this gun – usually enough to knock down multiple enemies pretty quick from far off.

If your teammates are knocked down by snipers, Gloo walls and smoke bombs are needed to save them.

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5 – Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks: Communication between team members is important

At higher rank, where player’s personal skills are relatively close, teamwork would make all the differences. You might be able to bag all the kills going against inexperienced opponents, but that would not be possible against a more coordinated team. Communicate with your squadmates as often as possible – call for backup if you are going to commit or was downed. Below are the few rules to get the most out of team coordination:

  • It is best to be respectful toward everyone
  • Don’t rush in if there’s no backup
  • Prioritize reviving teammates over looting or spraying
  • Follow the strategy that your team come up with
Free Fire clash squad tips
Be careful at all times

6 – Free Fire clash squad tips and tricks: The updated store

To do well in Clash Squad, you would need to know the gun store like the back of your hand, as some of the weapons are changed comparing to the normal modes.

Free Fire clash squad tips
The item shop is super important in this mode

After the Kapella patch, the price of guns has been reworked in order to make it harder for a player to carry both a long-range weapon and a short-range one right from the start. This is to balance out the early game and preventing people from just buying the same loadout every time.

M1014 and XM8 are more expensive, Kar98k now comes with a pre-attached scope and more. With the tighter pricing, you would have to make tactical decisions about whether to save money for the next round or just shell out right away. Saving money sometimes would lead to game-changing consequences.

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