Free Fire has just announced the Kapella patch, which will be coming to the game on April 8. The patch will bring many balance changes to many weapons along with new features. In addition, Free Fire is going to release some more events on that day to celebrate the release of the patch.

Kapella Patch Note

Here are some major changes that are coming to Free Fire in the upcoming patch:

  • Clash Squad in Rank Mode: Apart from the classic battle royale mode of Free Fire, Clash Squad is also a favorite mode of many players so it is going to have its own Rank Mode separated from the Rank Mode in Battle Royale.
  • Smoke Grenade comes to Clash Squad: With the Smoke Grenade, players will be able to create more strategies in Clash Squad.
  • New Character - Kapella: A new character with skills that increase the effectiveness of healing items.
  • New Pet - Ottero: A pet that will recover your EP when you heal yourself.
Free Fire Patch
Kapella Patch is coming to Free Fire with many changes

Kapella Patch Event

Coming with the Kapella patch are news events to celebrate it and heat up the game:

  • Patch Quiz: Read the patch and answer quizzes to get free rewards.
Free Fire Patch Quiz
  • Gather patch energy: While playing Free Fire, find and shot the patch energy core to exchange for rewards.
Gather energy to get free rewards for the new patch
  • Big Head mode: Enjoy yourself with the Big Head mode while waiting for the new patch. Players spawn with random weapons. Your head will get bigger after each kill. The first team/ player to reach a certain point wins.
Big Head
Enjoy yourself with the Big Head mode while waiting for the new patch
  • Log-in rewards: Log into Free Fire every day to receive free characters and level cards
free chracter
Log in to get free rewards

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