Taking advantage of the mass quarantine in the country, Garena Free Fire has been releasing a huge number of events with various amazing prizes. These events were part of the newest update of the game, along with the Season 23 Elite Pass. This event is rather special - you can earn various rewards by just watching the stream without having to do anything else.

The event announcement in-game

Looks like Garena is trying to expand its territory into the streaming market with a new app called Booyah, and this collaboration is an effort to boost its popularity. A whopping 1500 character cards, 10000 loot boxes and 3000 vouchers are available as a drop this month. To get the free drops, players would have to download the Booyah app on the Playstore and watch the verified streamers - the lucky loot drops would be randomly given away during the live session that all online observers can potentially acquire. There is no limit on the number of times you could participate, as the event and platform are backed by Garena.

The new Kapella Character

In other news, the OB21 patch of the game would be released in 5 days on the Google Play Store. Below are some of the biggest additions:

  • A new character named Kapella, who can amplify the healing effects of the whole team.
  • A new weapon called Thompson, which is a short to mid-range SMG with a huge magazine of 40. You would be able to engage multiple enemies with it more easily.
  • Clash Squad Ranked Mode: A new competitive mode that used a completely different ranking system than the Battle Royale mode.
  • Smoke Grenade: Release an obstructing cloud of smoke that lasts for 25 seconds on an area. Disable enemies' Aim Lock. This item would only be available in CS mode.
  • New Kalahari camouflage item called Camo Box: You can now pick up this item and hide inside it to appear like a normal box to other players
  • New pet named "Ottero" - convert 50% of the healing you receive into EP
Free Fire Advanced Server Download Ottero
Free Fire Advanced Server New Pet: Ottero

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