Free Fire is currently celebrating the Diwali festival with tons of new events and skins in the game. The latest event in Free Fire is the Gift Of Light event, which features the Streets bundle and the M1887 Hand of Hope skin as the Grand Prize along with many other bundles and skins.

Gift Of Light Free Fire
Check out this Gift Of Light Free Fire event to get premium bundles and legendary gun skins.

Free Fire Gift Of Light Event

Event duration: November 3 to November 9

There are 2 lucky spins in the event for you to choose, one spin will give you a random bundle and one spin will give you a random weapon skin.

Gift Of Light Free Fire
There are 2 spins in the event.

Each spin will cost you 199 Diamonds. You can also spend 899 Diamonds to spin 5 times. This option will give you a guaranteed legendary gun skin/ premium bundle. This is obviously a better offer so always try to use this option if possible.

Gift Of Light Free Fire 1
You will be guaranteed to get 1 premium bundle if you use the 5x spin.

Each spin in the event will also get you an event token. You can use these token to exchange for rewards from the Exchange store. If you roll into a bundle or weapon skin you already own, you will get 2 event tokens instead. Duplicated premium bundles/ legendary weapon skins will turn into 5 event tokens.

Exhchange Store Free Fire
You can exchange event tokens for rewards in the Exchange Store in the event.

Most rewards in the exchange store cost 40 event tokens, except for the Streets Bundle, the Zombified Samurai bundle,  and the M1887 Hand Of Hope, which cost 50 event tokens.

While this event cost quite a lot of Diamonds it is a good chance to invest your Diamonds because it guarantee gives you some really good bundle and skins.

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