Rushing houses in Free Fire is often risky and difficult, especially when you make mistakes. You need to avoid all stupid mistakes to rush all houses quickly and safely. Here are basic mistakes you should stop making when rushing houses in Free Fire.

#1. Approach Without Smoke

A lot of Free Fire players die on the way to approach the house while rushing campers because they don't use smoke grenades to make the cover your route and blind enemies.

It's a deadly mistake when rushing houses in Garena Free Fire because campers can spot you through windows or balconies. Then, they can shoot you down when you are running on the open ground. Therefore, always use smoke grenades while approaching the house.

Rush Without Smoke
Don't rush without smoke.

#2. Walk To The House In One Direction

Most Free Fire players choose the shortest route to rush the occupied house. Then, they run straight to that house. But you will become an easy target for campers to shoot you down.

To avoid dying regretfully, you should go around and find a safe route to rush. For example, you can enter the house through the back windows. Or you can use some smoke grenades to fake your movements, then use Gloo Walls to climb to the second floor through the opposite window.

Walk In One Direction
Walking in one direction makes you become an easy target.

#3. Rush Without Throwables

One of the deadliest mistakes when rushing houses in Free Fire is lacking throwables. You need throwables to check some secret corners, especially wall corners near the windows.

Most house campers in Free Fire stand next to the window to fire enemies approaching the house. To cause damage to those campers, you had better use some frag grenades through windows. If you have great grenade skills, you can take them down before rushing into the house.

Throw Frag Grenades
Throw frag grenades to kill campers.

#4. Use Wrong Weapons

Do you know which is the best gun for rushing houses in Free Fire? It's the shotgun. A lot of fraggers are using SMGs and ARs to rush houses because they think these weapons are versatile and powerful. However, you need to take down the enemy as fast as possible when rushing.

Shotguns in Free Fire are the best choice for close combat and fast kills while SMGs and ARs' damage depends on their rate of fire and number of accurate shots.

Choose The Best Gun For Fast Kills
Choose the best gun for fast kills.

#5. Rush With Full Squad

You will fail to rush the house camper if all teammates enter the occupied house. This stupid mistake can make your whole squad be eliminated. Campers can jump out of the house through windows and clear your team with some frag grenades or landmines. Or else, they can rush you back and your squad is still eliminated.

You should leave one or two teammates outside the house to finish campers when they escape or track down the escapers.

#6. Rush With Low HP

Rushing a house is very risky because you don't know the exact location of the camper. If you rush with a low HP bar, the opponent can finish you with one hit only. You don't even have time to fall back in that situation. That's why healing items are very important in the classic mode of this battle royale game.

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