Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game published by Garena for Android and iOS. It is one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world with hundreds of millions of players.

Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire features a huge collection of weapons of all kinds

The game features a huge weapon collection of all types. Among them, shotguns are the best type of weapon in Free Fire to use in close range fights. There is a total of 4 shotguns in Free Fire M1887, M1014, SPAS12, and MAG-7. Which is the best shotgun in Free Fire is a question that has been asked by many Free Fire players.

Here in this article, we will rank all shotguns from the best shotgun in Free Fire to the worst shotgun in Free Fire.

1. Best Shotgun In Free Fire - MAG-7

The MAG-7 is the newest shotgun in Free Fire. It was added to the game in the OB26 update. As a trend, a new weapon always tends to be overpowered and the MAG-7 is not an exception.

"With mid-range power and high fire rate, the MAG-7 is more angile than most shotguns."

Best Shot Gun In Free Fire
MAG-7 is the new shotgun in Free Fire in the OB26 update with a high range and rate of fire

The 3 weaknesses of most shotguns in Free Fire are low range, small magazine, and low fire rate. The MAG-7 has none of them. It has a huge magazine of 8 rounds, pair with a high fire rate that allows players to unload all the bullets easily. The range of the weapon is comparable to SMGs, which makes it much more dangerous and versatile.

As both the M1887 and the Vector get some nerfs in the OB26 update, the MAG-7 is going to be the best close-range weapon for a while. The only weakness of the MAG-7 is probably that there is no skin for this weapon yet.

2. Best Shotgun In Free Fire - M1887

The M1887 is a double-barrel shotgun with a high range and the ability to burst down the enemy quickly in 2 shots. The M1887 has been the best shotgun in Free Fire for a long time because of its power. It is also a hard weapon to use because it only has 2 bullets in its magazine.

If you missed a shot and failed to kill the enemy, you might be the one who goes down. If you are a new player or you are not used to using shotguns then this is not a very good option.

 Best Shot Gun In Free Fire
The M1887 shotgun is have been the best shotgun in Free Fire because of its high range and burst power

In the OB26 update, the range of the M1887 has been reduced by a little bit. It is will still be very strong but not as much when the target is far away.

3. Best Shotgun In Free Fire - M1014

The M1014 shotgun has always been a solid option for close-range combats and it is a very new player-friendly. The weapon has a reasonable magazine size, high damage. You don't have to worry too much if you miss a shot or two.

In the OB26 update, the M1014 is getting a small buff on minimum damage and fire rate, making it a little bit better. We might see this weapon to be used more with these buffs.

Best Shot Gun In Free Fire
The M1040 shotgun is very easy to use for new players because it has high damage and a big magazine size

The reason why the M1014 is not as strong as the M1887 or the MAG-7 is because of its range and reload time. With a low range, its damage falls off really hard even when the enemy is only a few meters away. The long reload time is also a huge disadvantage because the enemy can take advantage of it to push you.

4. Best Shotgun In Free Fire - SPAS12

The SPAS12 was actually quite popular before it got nerfed to the ground by Garena. It was once used to counter the M1014 because it has a high range and accuracy but then Garena nerfed both, making it really weak. And when the M1887 was released, no one even wants to use the SPAS12 anymore and the weapon is completely forgotten by players.

SPAS12 Shot Gun In Free Fire
The SPAS12 shotgun is the worst shotgun in Free Fire

So far, it seems that Garena has no intention of bringing this weapon back by buffing it anymore so the SPAS12 will be staying as the worst shotgun in Free Fire for a while.

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