The ongoing Free Fire Diwali celebrations are giving the players a big treat. A lot of exclusive rewards are up for grabs and among all that, a top exciting item you can get is the Magic Cube.

It is among the most valuable commodities that let players obtain the bundle of their choice from a reward pool. Just by signing in on November 4, 2021, you will be able to attain a Magic Cube without a cost.

Besides, the game devs have also refreshed the store and offer a wider selection of elusive items. Take a look at the best Magic Bundle in Free Fire in November.

5. Venom Touch Bundle

This bundle was featured in Diamond Royale back in June 2019. The green outfit adds a spooky look to your character. In case you have not got your hands on it, you can use the free Magic Cube to exchange it. Below are the available components:

  • Mask - Venom Touch
  • Top - Venom Touch
  • Bottom - Venom Touch
  • Shoes - Venom Touch
Venom Touch Bundle
Venom Touch Bundle is a unique cosmetic set to get this month.

4. Hipster Bunny Bundle

The female bundle is also the best Magic Bundle in Free Fire you can get in November. It has always been a player-favorite since its release in early 2020. Along with the pink and blue color tone, the illuminating shades and shoes add even more swag to the original visual appeal. The bundle includes these parts:

  • Head - Hipster Bunny
  • Mask - Hipster Bunny
  • Top - Hipster Bunny
  • Bottom - Hipster Bunny
  • Shoes - Hipster Bunny
Hipster Bunny Bundle
Hipster Bunny also has 5 pieces of cosmetic items.

3. Bandit Bundle

Multiple popular Free Fire content has been using the Bandit Bundle cosmetic item. It is also on the list for players to get by the free Magic Cube.

The bundle first came into the game in April 2019 and considering how rare it is, you should waste no time and get this exclusive set. It has the following items if you have not known:

  • Mask - Bandit
  • Top - Bandit
  • Bottom - Bandit
  • Shoes - Bandit
Bandit Bundle
Meanwhile, Bandit Bundle includes 4 items.

2. Crazy Panda

Crazy Panda is surely among the oldest bundles in the game which is also one of the reasons why its appeal is unparalleled. Ever since its addition in June 2018 via the Diamond Royale, the bundle has been a clean esthetic.

However, not like other bundles on the list, it must be equipped at one time and this might deter some Free Fire gamers.

Crazy Panda
Crazy Panda bundle.

1. Night Clown Bundle

And the best Magic Bundle in Free Fire in November is the Night Clown bundle. Its items attract players with their multiple outfits.

In fact, it is also an old bundle as it was introduced back in late 2018. Gamers usually get this bundle thanks to the amazing head which provides a special look on the whole. It includes:

  • Head - Night Clown
  • Top - Night Clown
  • Pants - Night Clown
  • Shoes - Night Clown

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