Free Fire features a wide selection of in-game cosmetics, ranging from gun skins, emotes, to bundles. These items offer the character and weapons different looks, whilst adding more fun interactions into the game. Sadly, most of them are exclusive, which means they're only available at certain events.

night clown bundle free fire 2
Don't miss your chance of getting the bundle this time

But, if you're a fan of the Night Clown bundle, among many others, you're in luck. The ongoing Magic Cube store will allow you to redeem your desired bundle by exchanging a single Magic Cube. Here's how you can obtain one of the oldest bundles in the game!

How to Get the Night Clown Bundle in Garena Free Fire?

The bundle consists of 4 elements:

  • #1 Night Clown (Head)
  • #2 Night Clown (Top)
  • #3 Night Clown (Pants)
  • #4 Night Clown (Shoes)

Players can acquire this bundle from the Magic Cube store for 1 Magic Cube.

night clown bundle free fire 4
Exchange 1 Magic Cube for the Night Clown Bundle

Follow the steps given below to get the bundle:

  • #1: First, open Garena Free Fire and visit the in-game store.
  • #2: Move to the "Redeem" tab.
  • #3: Choose the Night Clown Bundle in the Magic Cube section and hit the exchange button.
  • #4: A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm the purchase.

After confirming making the exchange, 1 Magic Cube will be deducted, and the players will receive the outfit in their vault.

How to Obtain the Magic Cube?

As part of the Diwali celebrations, Garena Free Fire had introduced several in-game events. One of them is the "Light up Bermuda" event, where a Magic Cube was up for grabs for free on 14th November. If you have collected the cube, then the bundle is effectively free. In other means, players can still acquire the Magic Cube or the Cube Fragments from the Diamond Royale or other events. You can exchange 100 fragments to get a Magic Cube.

night clown bundle free fire 3
Exchange the free Magic Cube you have for the bundle you want