The jump shot is a useful skill to play like a pro player in Free Fire. Here are some tips to do jump shot in this game that you must know. Check them out below.

Tips To Do Free Fire Jump Shot

Check out some steps and guidelines to do jump shot in Free Fire below:

  • First of all, you have to adjust the camera sensitivity to 100%. You will have to use the jump shot skill in close-range combat. Therefore, hip-fire is the best choice to take enemies down quickly. Therefore, you should leave the sensitivity high.
General Sensitivty
Increase the camera sensitivity to 100%.
  • Then, adjust the transparency of the joystick, jump, and right fire buttons. Leave all of them at the maximum level. Besides, place the fire button and the jump button near each other so that you can do both actions quickly.
Adjust The Transparency Of The Joystick
Adjust The Transparency Of The Joystick, Fire, And Jump Buttons.
  • Then, leave the size of the joystick at 40% and place it near the bottom left corner of the phone screen. Increase the size of the jump button to around 80 to 90%, based on your screen size. Next, increase the size of the right fire button to 60% and place it right next to the jump button.
Place The Jump Button And The Fire Button Next To
Place the jump button and the fire button next to each other.
  • When you encounter an enemy, drag the left joystick to keep running around and turn head to him. Then, tap the fire button and drag the camera to aim at his head at once. Finally, tap the fire button to shoot the target.
Use Shotgun
Use Shotgun For Jump Shot
  • If you cannot finish that guy in one shot, keep moving and jumping and repeat these movements again.
  • The best weapon to shoot the enemy down with jump shot skill is the shotgun. Or else, you can use an SMG or an AR. But make sure that you master the hip-fire skill.
Jump Shot
Practice For Better Jump Shot