Defending is an essential skill in the Free Fire battleground that you need to master if you want to play like a pro player. Here are the best tips for defending in Free Fire that you may need. Check them out below with

Best Free Fire Defensive Tips

Even when you are pro players, you still need to know how to defend from the enemy. Otherwise, you cannot get Booyah regularly if you only play aggressively. Just practice and master these defending tips to win more games in Free Fire.

  • Always get covered in close-quarter fights. If you engage in close-range combat in a compound, always stand behind walls, boxes, or staircases, wait for the enemy to approach, and get ready for a sudden attack.
Always Get Covered
Always Get Covered In Close Combat
  • If you are running on the open ground, make Gloo walls quickly, or find a nearby tree to hide. You can create the Gloo wall to cover your back while running left and right to dodge. Then, attack from behind the Gloo Wall. You can peek in the left and then turn to the right to surprise enemies. You can make some layers of Gloo walls to confuse the enemies.
Attrack Suddenly To Surprise Enemies
Attack Suddenly To Surprise Enemies
  • Drag headshot is another tip to defend from enemies in Free Fire. If you don't move and dodge bullets while shooting, you will be taken down. So, you need to drag the joystick to move to the left while shooting to the right.
Create Gloo Wall Quickly
Create Gloo Wall Quickly
  • Choose higher locations to camp, such as the factory top, tower, and rooftop. You can lie on these places to avoid being spotted and getting shot.
  • You can sit in many water areas without getting breathless. Besides, the enemies can hardly spot you when you sit still there.
Make Layers Of Gloo Wall To Surprise Enemies
Make Layers Of Gloo Wall To Surprise Enemies
  • Play the character Wukong and use his ability to turn into a bush and avoid getting damage when enemies shoot you.
  • Drag the joystick to the auto-run button to make your character keep running and avoid headshot.

Secret Defensive Tricks That You May Need

There are many secret defensive tricks that you may not know.

  • You can make a Gloo Wall in the hollow water area. Then, you can place another Gloo wall on the foundation wall. Then, you will have a very high wall to defend from enemies in Free Fire. You can even make a larger and higher wall by putting more Gloo walls on that foundation.
Make A High Gloo Wall In Hollow Water Area
Make A High Gloo Wall In The Hollow Water Area
  • When you hold a Gloo wall grenade and move towards, the enemies behind you cannot spot and shoot you.
Gloo Wall Trick
This Is A Pro Gloo Wall Trick
  • Don't run straight forwards when running down the slope. You should slant toward the left a little bit so that your field of vision is wider. If you fall straightforward down the slope, a wide part of your vision is blocked. Then, you can miss the enemies in front of you and run into his crosshair.
Stant A Bit When Fall A Slope
Stant A Bit When Fall Down A Slope
  • Zig zag movement is another defensive trick to dodge bullets when escaping the enemies.
  • The pan sometimes can save your life. If the enemy shoots to the pan, you will not get damage. Therefore, you should always loot a pan and bring it with you to cover a large part of your back.
Pan Is Very Useful In Many Situation
The Pan Is Very Useful In Many Situations
  • If you and the enemy stand at two sides of a house and you want to push safely, don't stick to the house wall to reach him. It can be a deadly mistake if you run along the wall to him. Instead, make a Gloo wall in the open ground far from the house. Then, open a wide angle of fire to take him down. If you stick to the wall, he can step out of the corner of the house and kill you suddenly.
Dont Move Like This
Don't Move Like This
Move Like This To Push Enemies
Move Like This To Push Enemies

These are the best tips and tricks to defend from enemies in Free Fire. Pocket and practice these secret and pro tips and tricks, you will play safely and rank up fast in Free Fire Battleground.