M82B is a powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire for one shot one kill. But you still need some pro tips to master this SR and rank up faster in this game. Check out these must-know M82B tips and tactics in Free Fire with Gurugamer.com.

Must-Know Pro M82B Tips In Free Fire

If you use this gun properly and use these tips to master it, you can easily get Booyah and rank up fast. Pocket these pro tips that you should know below.

M82b New Sr
M82B is a new powerful sniper gun in Free Fire

Use This Gun With Moco

This sniper gun is so powerful that you can use it to shoot through the Gloo Wall. Therefore, you can take this advantage to take down the enemy hiding behind Gloo Wall. However, you need to play the character Moco so that you will know where is the target to aim and shoot exactly.

You Can Shoot Through Gloo Wall
You Can Shoot Through Gloo Wall With M82B

You can play the character Moco - an excellent hacker in Free Fire party, or add the skill Hacker's Eye of her to the skill combo. Moreover, you can also shoot through your Gloo Wall while hiding yourself if you use this tip. However, you should know the place of the enemy before making the Gloo Wall for cover.

It Can Break Through This Cover To Kill Enemies
The Bullets Can Break Through This Cover To Kill Enemies

Have A Proper Skill Combo

The greatest skill combo to make M82B a deadly weapon includes The Dash of Kelly, Sharp Shooter of Laura, and Hacker's Eye of Moco. As a sniper, you need to dash away from your position quickly after firing.

Best Skill Combo
This Is The Best Best Skill Combo For This SR

Besides, the Sharp Shooter skill of Laura helps increase the accuracy when you open the scope to aim and shoot. Then, you can shoot accurately, take down the enemy quickly even when he hides behind the Gloo Wall, and move quickly to avoid getting shot.

Shoot To The Weak Points

To cause more damage per shot to the enemy, you need to shoot to their weak points where the military vet cannot cover. Therefore, you need to target the stomach, neck, and head. But you need to practice to aim and shoot quickly in the training room. Keep in mind that you don't have much time to aim in real matches because the enemy can take you down before you fire.

Shoot The Weak Points In Enemys Body
Shoot The Weak Points In The Enemy's Body

Best Gun Combination With M82B

You will need an AR or SMG to spray bullets in close and mid-range combat. SCAR will be an ideal choice for the primary weapon if you use M82B as the secondary weapon. Or else, you can grab an MP40 or Thompson to win every close combat.