Mp40 and Thompson gun are the two most popular SMG weapons in Free Fire. Both of them have a high rate of fire, so they are very powerful. But which SMG is better? Just compare and pick up the better one here with

Free Fire Thompson Gun Vs MP40

Thompson gun and MP40 have many differences. Let's compare.


The damage os MP40 and Thompson is not very different. The base damage per hit of these guns is 48 in MP40 and 50 in Thompson gun. Therefore, Thompson seems to have great damage in all ranges of fire and to all parts of the enemy's body.

Mp40 Is A Powerful Smg
MP40 Is A Powerful SMG

However, MP40 has a higher rate of fire. In specific, the firing rate of Thompson is 77 while it's 83 in MP40. Therefore, the damage per second of MP40 is a bit higher.

Thompson Has Higher Damge
Thompson Has Higher Damage Points Than MP40

Effective Range & Accuracy

Thompson gun has a longer effective range than MP40. Therefore, Thompson is better to deal with the target at midrange combat than MP40. Besides, MP40 is the most powerful and effective in short-range combat. With a great rate of fire, you can take down an enemy quickly when spraying bullets with MP40.

The Effective Range Of Thompson Is Longer
The Effective Range Of Thompson Is A Little Bit Longer

Moreover, the accuracy Thompson gun is also higher than the MP40. It's because Thompson has lower gun recoil. That's why it's a better choice for beginners in Free Fire. If you are a rookie, you should use this gun to control it easily.

It Also Has Better Accuracy
It Also Has Better Accuracy

Ammo Capacity And Reload Duration

These weapons have the same reload duration. Therefore, it equals this time. However, Thompson has a larger ammo clip than MP40. It has 42 bullets per load while MP40 has 20 bullets per load. That's why Thompson does not have an attachment slot for extra mag while MP40 has.

Thompson Has 43 Bullets Per Load
Thompson Has 42 Bullets Per Load

After attaching an extended mag to MP40, it will have 30 bullets per load. However, Thompson has an attachment slot for muzzle while MP40 doesn't.