AN95 WhiteFree Fire features new skins to the game very frequently, mostly through new events and the Luck Royale. Just recently, they released a new AN94 Supercharger Incubator. In this new Incubator, players can obtain 4 Legendary AN94 skins. Below is everything you need to know about the Incubator and how to get these skins.

Free Fire An94 Supercharger
Free Fire new AN94 Supercharger Incubator

Free Fire AN94 Superchargers Incubator

The AN94 Superchargers Incubator starts on October 19 and lasts for 44 days till December 1. Unlike other lucky spins in the Luck Royale, to get the AN94 skins from the Incubator, players need to find Blueprint: Supercharger Guns and Evolution Stone. Both of these items can be obtained from the AN94 Superchargers Incubator.

An94 Superchager Incubator
Players need to exchange for the skins using Blueprint: Supercharger Guns and Evolution Stone.

Players need to use Diamonds to spin the Incubator. The cost of 1 spin is 40 Diamonds. There is also an option that allows players to spin 5 times for 180 Diamonds.

Here is the number of Blueprint: Supercharger Guns and Evolution Stone you need to exchange for the AN94 skins in the Incubator:

  • AN94 Wildefire Bolt - 3 Evolution Stone Token + 1 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns
  • AN94 Twilight Bolt - 2 Evolution Stone Token + 5 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns
  • AN94 Tsunami Bolt - 2 Evolution Stone Token + 4 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns
  • AN94 Tornado Bolt - 1 Evolution Stone Token + 3 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns

Among these 4 skins, the AN94 Wildefire Bolt skin is the most expensive and the strongest skin. It buffs both Damage and Rate of Fire while only reducing the Magazine of the weapon by a little bit. This skin will increase the overall damage of the AN94 significantly with these buffs. It is definitely one of the best AN94 skins in Free Fire but you will need quite a lot of Diamonds to obtain this skin.

An94 Wildfire Bolt
The AN94 Wildefire Bolt skin is the strongest skin in the Incubator.

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