The new Free Fire Elite Pass for November 2021 has just been revealed. It is going to be named Dragon's Lair - the sets and items inside it all carry a dragon theme. In this article, we are going to showcase everything currently available about Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42.

1 - Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 release date

The Free Fire Elite Pass season 42 will be released on November 1. Similar to previous Elite Passes, players can purchase the Season 42 Pass for 600 diamondsFree Fire Elite Pass Season 41 is coming to an end soon.

Before the pass' release, players have the option to pre-order it for 1200 to receive an exclusive MP5 Draconic skin. The pre-sale begins on October 29. The exact name for the pass has not been confirmed, however - it could be slightly modified when the pass is released.

Free Fire Elite Pass
Free Fire Elite Pass Season 42 is going to have a dragon theme.

Free Fire Elite Pass rewards are unlocked based on the number of badges collected. They can be earned by completing the weekly quests. To unlock the entire November 2021 Elite Pass set, you need to collect 225 badges via daily questing. Alternatively, you can also buy badges for 30 diamonds apiece.

2 - Elite Pass Reward List

The details of the Elite pass are leaked by Morfeo_OFC on Instagram, one of the most trustworthy Free Fire leakers in the world. Free Fire leaks often come from the SA region the earliest.

Elite Pass 1
Sports Car Skin – 0 Badges | Mask – 10 Badges | Jacket – 15 Badges

The crown actually looks fairly decent for a 10 badges item. The female jacket and car skin do not really look that striking.

Elite Pass 2
Banner – 30 Badges | Avatar – 40 Badges | Female Bundle – 50 Badges

The Female Set has a flaming wing on its left side, which is super good looking.

Elite Pass 3
Bat Skin – 80 Badges | Surfboard Skin – 100 Badges | Banner – 115 Badges

The surfboard skin looks pretty crazy with all the fire and wings around it.

Elite Pass 4
Grenade Skin – 125 Badges | Avatar – 135 Badges | Loot Box Skin – 150 Badges

The lootbox looks like a dragon helmet, with flaming sprout out from its bottom.

Elite Pass 5
Backpack – 200 Badges | Male Bundle – 225 Badges

The Male set is the main attraction of this pass. It looks super cool with a long jacket and dragon wings. The backpack is also one of the highlights of the pass - it looks like a dragon egg.

3 - Free Pass Reward List

Players who don't buy the pass can still collect basic items by completing Free Pass missions. Coins, banner, pet food, gold and diamond ticket, backpack, fragment box, discount card, token box and more will be available.

The free pass gives players a flame-themed jacket at 40 badges. A flame-themed shirt is unlocked at 100 badges, while a backpack is unlocked at 200.

Free Pass 1
Avatar – 5 Badges | Jacket – 40 Badges

Overall, the jacket, shirt and banner look fairly decent. They are quite a bit better than the previous passes' free prizes.

Free Pass 2
T-Shirt – 100 Badges | Banner – 150 Badges | Backpack Skin – 200 Badges

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