One of the ways to get a new bundle in Free Fire is through the Diamond Royale in Free Fire. It is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale in Free Fire, featuring a Rare bundle as the grand prize. After a set period of time, the Diamond Royale will reset and feature a new Rare bundle.

Yesterday, the Diamond Royale in Free Fire did reset, replacing the Bladebill Soarer Diamond Royale. The new Free Fire Diamond Royale now features the Dragon Spy female bundle. Let's check out this new bundle here in this article.

Free Fire New Diamond Royale
The latest Free Fire Diamond Royale features the Dragon Spy bundle.

Free Fire New Diamond Royale: Dragon Spy Bundle

The Dragon Spy Diamond Royale in Free Fire lasts for 18 days, starting on October 17 until November 3.

The Dragon Spy bundle includes 4 parts:

  • Dragon Spy (top)
  • Dragon Spy (Bottom)
  • Dragon Spy (Shoes)
  • Dragon Spy (Head)
Dragon Spy Bundle
Free Fire new Dragon Spy bundle in Free Fire

To get the Dragon Spy bundle, players need to spin the Diamond Royale using Diamonds or Diamond Royale Voucher. Players can get this voucher from various events in Free Fire to spin the Diamond Royale for free.

Each spin in the Diamond Royale costs 60 Diamonds. Players can spin 11 times at a time for 600 Diamonds. Each time you didn't spin on the Grand Prize, your luck quotient will increase by 1, increase the chance for you to get the Grand Prize in the next spin.

Other than the Grand Prize, there are other small prizes such as Character Fragments, Magic Cube, Magic Cube Fragment, skins,... These prizes will be removed from the pool once you get them from the spin.

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