Free Fire has a large collection of weapons along with an even bigger collection of weapon skins. These skins not only make your weapons look better but more powerful as well.

Garena just released a new Golden Ascension event, featuring the M1887 Golden Glare skin along with many other rewards. Check out this article to learn how you can get this new M1887 skin.

M1887 Golden Glare
Free Fire Golden Ascension event

Free Fire Golden Ascension event

Event duration: October 16 to October 22

In this event, players need to spin for Legends Tokens using Diamonds to get the rewards. To get all the exclusive rewards, you need to earn 5 Legends Tokens.

Each spin in the Golden Ascension costs 20 Diamonds. Players can also spin 5 times for 90 Diamonds, which is a little bit cheaper. When you spin, you will get a random item from the pool which has the Legends Token.

Golden Ascension Free Fire
The Golden Ascension in Free Fire features the M1887 Golden Glare as the Grand Prize.

Here is the list of items and their respective number of Legends Tokens to get them:

  • 1 Legends Tokens - Yellow Strike surfboard skin
  • 2 Legends Tokens - Warrior Spirit Backpack skin
  • 3 Legends Tokens - Amber Megacypher Bundle
  • 4 Legends Tokens - Flaxen Megacypher Bundle
  • 5 Legends Tokens - M1887 Golden Glare skin

M1887 Golden Glare skin stats

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Range +
  • Reload speed -

The M1887 Golden Glare skin provides more Rate of Fire and Range to the M1887 while reducing's reload speed. While both the buff are great for the M1887, the Reload Speed reduction does affect the M1887 a bit because the shotgun only has 2 ammo.

Overall, the Golden Glare is a decent skin for the M1887 but it is definitely not one of the best M1887 skins in Free Fire.

M1887 Golden Glare 1
M1887 Golden Glare is decent skin for the M1887.

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