Sometimes, you feel like climbing to a higher rank feels so difficult. Meanwhile, for some players, they can keep gaining rank and rank up in Free Fire in a short time, making it look so simple. In this article, we are going to discuss the most common reasons that are preventing you from ranking up in Free Fire.

1. Lack of Training

Climbing rank in Silver and Gold might be easy even without training, but you can't get away with it in higher ranks. I am not talking about just playing in matches, but actual skill training such as fast Gloo Wall, aiming, and tricky movement,... Intentionally doing these kinds of training in the Training Ground will gradually increase your in-game skill and increase your reflexes. Although these training exercises are boring, they will help rank up in Free Fire.

At least, before starting your rank games, get into the training ground and warm up for 10 minutes to increase your reflexes.

free Fire Training Mode Tricks
The Training Ground is the perfect place for you to increase your skill.

2. Not adapting to the META

Free Fire changes with every update. Some weapons will get a buff from these updates and become OP while other weapons get nerfed. Your job is to make sure that you are aware of these updates and choose the weapons that are strong at the moment. The faster you can adapt to a new update, the more advantages you will get over other players.

Free Fire Weapon Updates
Make sure you read the new updates in Free Fire.

3. Having a bad evaluation of the situation

Having a good evaluation of the current situation is just as important as have good fighting skills in Free Fire. It is important and to know what advantages and disadvantages you are having so you can make the right call.

4. Not playing seriously

When playing Ranked matches, your rank points are on the line so you need to put out everything you have to win. You should not use a Ranked match to test out whatever new tricks in Free Fire you just learned and end up failing miserably.

If you want to try something new or practicing, Normal matches and the Training Ground is the way to go. Also refer to some tips to make the use of Training Ground for the most effective results.

Free Fire Trick
Trying new tricks in ranked matches is dangerous.

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