Garena usually adds up to 2 new characters every big update, and for OB 30 they are Otho and Leon. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Leon in Free Fire.

Leon Free Fire
Players will have to buy the basketball set for Leon in Free Fire separately.

1 - Leon's backstory & design


Leon is once again a new original character from Free Fire. Despite being a rising star in the basketball scene, Leon Free Fire is not based on any basketball stars in real life. His ability, Buzzer Beater, is a basketball term for a shot that is taken before the game clock of a quarter, a half, or an overtime period expires but does not go in the basket until after the clock expires and the buzzer sounds.


Overall, Leon is a black man with afro-style hair and a pair of glasses on his head. He wears an orange and blue basketball uniform with a white jacket. His uniform is and has some fairly common color that basketballs teams often use. Despite being a basketball star, Leon isn't really tall enough. This is probably part of Free Fire's limitation, as characters need to have identical hitboxes.

Free Fire Leon
Leon is going to be part of the Booyah Day event 2021

2 - Leon's ability in Free Fire

Ability: Buzzer Beater (Passive)

Leon's ability is a super versatile passive that regenerates HP without any limit whatsoever. The critical part about this skill is probably its levels - the heal amount sextuples from level 1 to level 6. Below are the details of Buzzer Beater's levels:

  • Level-1: Recovers 5 HP
  • Level-2: Recovers 10 HP
  • Level-3: Recovers 15 HP
  • Level-4: Recovers 20 HP
  • Level-5: Restores 25 HP
  • Level-6: Restores 30 HP

Overall, Leon's skill doesn't show any difference from the leaked character in OB30 Advance server, without any buffing or nerfing. While 30HP is a very small amount, it stacks up over time in longer fights. The activation time seems to be 3 seconds. You only need to duck away from combat for a moment for Buzzer Beater to trigger.

Buzzer Beater
The passive skill of Leon in Free Fire

The weakness of Leon passive ability is that you need to max it immediately to get the most effects. The level 1 version of the skill is nearly worthless.

3 - Skill combo for Leon in Free Fire

With Leon's ability being a passive skill, you can combine it with pretty much all skills in the game, from long to close range. It is very effective against chip damage - a combination of Buzzer Beater and EP could get you to full pretty quickly. Overall, Assaulter and Sniper builds are the best for Leon, as you can get 100 -> 0 rather quick in close range fights.

Assaulter combo with Leon

This is the usual teamfight build in Free Fire, with squad chipping at each other for extended combat. In these chaotic battles, even 1HP could make a difference between booyah and eliminated.

The best characters to combo with Leon with this kind of playstyle are Chrono, Alok, K and Jota. Their skills are excellent in chaotic teamfights, especially Jota, after the big boost in OB29. You can now gain HP with Jota while engaging... then gain even more HP with Leon after disengaging. You can also double down on healing and skills like Xayne or A124 for the extra HP.

Buzzer Beater
Leon Free Fire guide allows you to trigger his skill as much as possible.

Sniper combo with Leon

Sniper duels are actually much better with Leon's ability. For example, you usually get killed with 2 body shots from a sniper rifle. However, if you managed to dodge a bit for Leon's heal to kick in, the attack might not be able to damage you anymore. The best abilities to use with sniper Leon are Dasha, Rafael, Laura, Hayato.

4 - Best weapon combo for Leon

Leon's ability is useful with all types of mid/long range weapons, especially Assault Rifle and DMR. Just don't use his skill in a close range build, as you tend to be instantly killed at that range. In general, just stick with any AR or DMR or sniper rifles you can fight to combo with Leon.

5 - How good is Leon in Clash Squad and Solo modes?

Leon is going to be a top pick in both Clash Squad and Solo, due to the nature of his unlimited heal. You would always have high enough HP to engage continuously without having to stop. Healing in clash squad is also pretty limited as well, with most of them coming from skills instead of items. Players usually save money for weapons.

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