Free Fire is known for releasing events frequently for players to join and get free rewards. The latest event in Free Fire is the Hit The Loot event, featuring the Dragon Master bundle as the Grand Prize along with other various rewards. You can learn how this event works here in this article.

Hit The Loot Event
A new Free Fire event has arrived, featuring the Dragon Master bundle.

Free Fire new Hit The Loot event

The Free Fire Hit The Loot Event starts on October 13 to October 19.

This event is a lucky spin with 9 rewards. Here is the list of 9 rewards for the event:

  • Dragon Master Bundle
  • The Warrior's Spirit backpack
  • Fiery Flames Surfboard
  • Crate of Balance
  • Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Game Streamer Gun Crate
  • Titanium Gun Crate
Hit The Loot Event
The first spin in the Hit The Loot event is free.

The first spin in the Hit The Loot event will be free. To claim the reward, you must do the next spin at an original price using Diamond. The spin price will increase after each spin: 9, 29, 59, 99,  149, 249, 449, 749.

You can also make the next spin at a discounted price by trading the current rewards. Traded rewards will be lost. The rewards you spin on will be removed from the pool so you are guaranteed to get the Grand Prize after 9 spins. Here is the discounted price of each spin: 4, 14, 29, 66, 99, 174, 359, 599.

Dragon Master Bundle Free Fire
Get the Dragon Master Bundle in this new Free Fire event now.

Since the latter spins are quite expensive, it is better for players to give up the reward to claim the Dragon Master Bundle.

Free Fire is also currently in the Free Fire x Venom collaboration with various events and themed skins for players to claim for free.

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