The Free Fire India Champion (FFIC) 2021 Fall Grand Finals is coming close in just a few days. Free Fire just released a new "Pick Your Side" event to celebrate the tournament. In this event, players will be able to get the Haunting Night Pan skin and other rewards for free. Learn how this new Free Fire event works in this article now.

Pick Your Side Event
Join the new Free Fire Pick Your Side Event to get the Haunting Night Pan.

Free Fire Pick Your Side Event

Event duration: October 11 to October 17.

Each of the 12 teams in the FFIC 2021 Fall Grand Finals will be split into 2 sides for each round. Players need to pick the side that will score more points for each round of the FFIC Fall 2021 Grand Finals. There is a total of 6 rounds and each round will have a different combination of teams.

The FFIC 2021 Fall Grand Finals will start on October 17 at 6 PM IST. The top 4 winners will be needed for the upcoming Free Fire Asia Championship 2021. There are a lot more events for the FFIC Fall 2021 Grand Finals with many free rewards you wouldn't want to miss.

Pick Your Side Event 1
Pick the side you think will get more points in the FFIC 2021 Fall Grand Finals.

Players will get 1 Diamonds Royale Voucher and 3 FFIC Silver Tokens for each correct guess. To get the Grand Prize, the Haunting Night Pan skin, players need to make 3 guesses.

To get the Grand Prize, it is better to pick sides with stronger teams in the tournament. Teams such as Total Gaming, Desi Gamer, TSM IND will be safer options. That being said, if you have a feeling that some other teams can get more points, then go for it.

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