The first day of the Free Fire Pro Series Snapdragon Conquest (FFPS) Wild Card Stage has just ended. In this article, we are going to sh0wcase everything you need to know about FFPS Wild Card Day 1, including Standings, MVPs, and more.

1. FFPS Wild Card Day 1 Standings

In this round, 12 teams from the League Stage will have another chance to reach the Grand Finals.

Chemin Esports claimed the opening day of Wild Card, with two booyahs and 137 points in total. Desi Gamers is the only team in the top 3 without any booyah. However, they still came in 2nd with 125 points. The third spot belongs to PVS gaming with 118 points.

Overall, the first 4 teams in the top 6 are already doing well from the league stage. The last two spots in the top 6, Raven Esports and AFF Esports have shown considerable improvement since their league days. These two teams were almost eliminated before but managed to climb out of the hole and show their potential.

Day 1
Free Fire Pro Series Wild Card Day 1 Standings

Despite being fan favorites, TSM FTX and Total Gaming continue to disappoint. They remain in the 8th and 10th spots, respectively. Overall, the next days will be Total Gaming's last chance to get to the Finals, as the gap between their score and the top 6 is particularly big. TSM FTX still has a good chance.

2. FFPS Wild Card Day 1 Recap

  • The first match of the day was claimed by Team Nemesis, with Mindgamer scoring the MVP award. Desi Gamers did pretty well with 11 kills but still eventually eliminated for being late to the final zone.
  • The second match on Kalahari was claimed by AFF Esports with 6 kills. The final fight was a heated 1 vs 1 battle between AFF Kanishq and TSM Amadron. The former won and claimed the MVP.
  • UG Empire emerged victorious in the 3rd match with a whopping 12 kills. MVP Prince scored 5 frags in the match. Raven and Chemin Esports followed close behind.
  • Chemin Esports rise up during the second part of the day, claiming the fourth and sixth match. They scored 6 and 10 kills, respectively. As both of these rounds are played on Kalahari, looks like their strategy for this map has been working well.
  • PVS claimed the fifth match with 14 kills in total. Yogi became the MVP with five kills and over 3200 HP damage, a massive number.

3. FFPS Wild Card Day 1 MVPs

MVPs of day 1

Yogi became the MVP with a respectable 14 kills and over 8k damage, much more than any other person on the list. Overall, this is one of the few times the MVPs are scattered across all squads, with 5 members from 5 different teams.

  1. PVS Yogi -14 kills
  2. CES Koushik - 12 kills
  3. CES Adam - 11 kills
  4. DG Ignite - 10 kills
  5. Team D Amitwala - 10 kills
Day 1
Free Fire Pro Series Wild Card Day 1 MVPs

Despite Total Gaming's abysmal performance, Total Gaming's Delete still won the People's Choice Superstar of the Day, a.k.a the popularity award. He scored 66% of the vote, which means 2 out of 3 votes are for him.

Pro Squad of day 1

  1. Desi Gamer Ignite
  2. PVS Yogi
  3. CES Koushik
  4. Raven Sai Shankar

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