Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall's Play-ins round has just ended. 12 teams played 6 matches to find out the 6 last slots for the tournament's Grand Finals. In this article, we are going to recap everything about Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall Play-Ins, including standings, MVPs and more.

1. FFIC 2021 Fall Play-Ins Standings

PVS Gaming Esports completely dominated the 6 play-ins matches. They scored 2 booyahs with 56 kill points and 99 points total, 28 more than the runner-up Team Elite. The 3rd to 5th spots are fairly predictable, with TSM, Team Chaos and Aura Gaming Esports.

The final ticket was claimed by LR7 Esports, with only 1 point more than #7, Skylight Gaming. LR7 Esports rise to the top from the bottom of group A, narrowingly claiming the last ticket for the tournament. They played rather badly during the FFIC Fall 2021 league stage, with only 60 points after 6 matches.

final standings
The final standings of Free Fire India Champion 2021 Fall Play-ins.

UG Empire has one of the worst days ever, finishing last with only 7 kills and 25 points to their name. They were the 3rd team in their group.

2. FFIC 2021 Fall Play-Ins Recap

  • The first and fourth matches on Bermuda were both claimed by PVS Gaming, with 14 and 15 frags respectively. They seem to have practiced intensively on this map. PVS Yogi shined in both matches, beating Arrow Esports and Team Elite. PVS Gaming is the only team to win more than 1 booyah.
  • Team Chaos won the 2nd match on Purgatory with 9 kills. PVS, despite losing in the end, demonstrated excellent gameplay and earned 2nd place with 9 kills.
  • The third match played on Kalahari was claimed by Team Elite with 11 kills. They eliminated both PVS Gaming and From the Future in the final circle to win the match.
  • The fifth match was won by Trained to Kill, while the final match was won by Skylightz Gaming. Both teams missed out on qualifying for the finals by the slimmest of margins.

3. FFIC 2021 Fall Play-Ins MVPs

Unsurprisingly, PVS Yogi became the MVP of the Play-Ins with 20 kills and 8000 damage. Despite coming 2nd with only 14 kills to his name, Elite's Pahadi scored a whopping 8700 damage. 2 more members of PVS, Rohit and Ecoeco, also got into the MVP list with 13 and 12 kills respectively.

Yogi's total damage output is rather low compared to his high kill score.

4. FFIC 2021 Grand Finals Roster

The top six teams qualified from the Play-Ins are going to join the 6 teams qualified from the League stage in the finals on October 17. Below is the roster for the Grand Finals:

  • PVS Gaming Esports
  • Team Elite
  • TSM
  • Team Chaos
  • Aura Gaming Esports
  • LR7 Esports
  • Desi Gamers
  • Total Gaming Esports
  • BLIND Esports
  • Head Hunters
  • Galaxy Racer Esports
  • 4 Unknown

A lot of rewards are going to be given away for watching the Finals' stream. It is vital that you tune in to the 400k Live Watching Event to get them.

400k Live Watching
400k Live Watching event

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