Redeem codes are always the most convenient and benefitting method to get free rewards and items. Free Fire also uses this way to give away free goodies, hence attract more and more players to enjoy the battle royale game.

The developers have taken turns almost every day to release new codes and serve the gamers. And within October 9, Free Fire players can get more than one item. From weapon loot crates to vouchers and a slew of bundle items, here’s Free Fire redeem code for today and how you can use them.

Free Fire redeem code for today (October 9)

There are two redeem codes for India and Brazil servers. You can check out the codes and their following rewards below:

  • Indian server

Redeem code: 8NARH5K2T6SP

Rewards: UMP Cataclysm weapon loot crate x2

UMP Cataclysm is also one of the best SMG gun skins in Free Fire.

Ump Cataclysm
UMP Cataclysm
  • Brazilian server

Redeem code: FREEFIREBR21

Rewards: CBF Blue Ball Box and Diamond Royale Voucher x1

Blue Box
CBF Blue Ball Box

Free Fire players can head to their in-game mail box and open the CBF Blue Ball Box to get one of the following prizes:

  1. CBF Football Jersey – Yellow Bundle
  2. CBF Football Jersey – Blue Bundle
  3. CBF Football Jersey – Yellow (Top) (24h or 3d)
  4. CBF Football Jersey – Blue (Top) (24h or 3d)
  5. CBF Soccer Jersey – Black (Top) (24h or 3d)
  6. CBF Soccer Jersey – Green (Top) (24h or 3d)
  7. CBF Soccer Jersey – Gray (Top) (24h or 3d)

These codes are working for players who are on Indian and Brazilian servers. Gamers should act quickly and take advantage of these benefits as soon as possible. Once the limit is exceeded, players who attempt to get these rewards will see an error displayed.

How to get free rewards via redeem code

No matter what region the redeem code is released for, every code on Free Fire must be processed through the official website of the game. Although the procedure is too familiar to other players now, a guide on how to redeem Free Fire codes is essential to know especially for beginners.

You may take on these simple steps to use the Free Fire redeem code for today:

1. Head over to the official Free Fire Rewards Redemption site.

2. Next, log in to your account via Google, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Huawei ID, and Apple ID. It will not work for guest accounts for those who have not been familiar.

3. Then, you must type the redeem code in the text box. Remember to enter it correctly.

4. Confirm and hit the OK button.

You will get the rewards in 24 hours if the redeeming process is successfully done. You can also head to the in-game email section to collect your rewards redeemed with the newest Free Fire codes.

You will have been successful in redeeming the code when the system shows up with a message like this.

Free Fire Redeem Code Error
Those who do not manage to redeem the code will see a text box like this.

When the code has expired, it will display an error message that claims it is already redeemed or invalid.

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