In preparation for the upcoming Free Fire India Championship, the biggest Free Fire tournament in India 2021, Garena has prepared several events. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get Skyler character, Beaston Pet, and M4A1 for free this month, as part of the Free Fire live watching event.

1. Free Fire India Championship Live Watching Event

Free Fire esports has always been one of the most observed games in the world, and Garena has always tried its best to keep that up. In the upcoming Free Fire Live Watching event on October 17, Free Fire spectators will be able to choose between one of the 4 available rewards:

  • One-Finger Pushup (Emote)
  • Skyler character
  • Beaston pet
  • M4A1 – FFCS (Weapon skin)
Free Fire India Championship Live-Watching
Free Fire Live Watching Event with a milestone of 400k

This is a type of "milestone reward" that only gets unlocked if the number of viewers reaches 400 thousand. This won't be a problem, as Free Fire India has gotten over 1.5 million peak viewers on the Hindi stream before, in the previous Free Fire World Championship.

Watchers will also receive an "FFIC Gold" token if the stream crosses the mark... and each reward costs one Gold Token. Outside of this, there are quite a few other Free Fire India Championship events players can participate in as well.

2. Details of FFIC Live Watching event rewards

Below are the grand prizes of the Free Fire India Championship Live-Watching event:

One-Finger Pushup (Emote)

The one-finger push up emote was released some time ago. It does exactly what its name said: performing a push up with just one finger. This is obviously near impossible in real life.

One finger push up emote Free Fire
One-finger push up emote is the very first prize in FFIC live-watching event.

Skyler character

After Chrono's nerf, people are picking other characters more and more, including Skyler. With this giveaway, players will have the chance to redeem this character for free.

Skyler in Free Fire

Beaston pet

Throwing grenades is one of the most useful tactical options a player can do to flush enemies out of cover. Beaston allows you do to that more easily.

Pet Beaston
Beaston pet in Free Fire

M4A1 – FFCS (Weapon skin)

The M4A1 - FFCS was an immensely powerful legendary skin released last year, as part of FFCS event. The skin has a striking blue color, with a blue thunderbolt running across its body.

Stat-wise, the M4A1 FFCS is top tier, with a ++ bonus for Rate of Fire and + bonus for Accuracy. With this skin equipped, your shots will be more accurate than ever. The movement speed demerit does not matter that much.

M4A1 FFCS in Free Fire

Other rewards

Aside from this, users can obtain a Custom Room card, a MAG-7, and Pickup truck skins.

3. How to claim rewards from Free Fire Live Watching Event?

  • After the milestones have been crossed, Garena will send a Gold token to your account. Redeem it and open the Event section.
  • Select the 400k Live Watching event under the Esports tab.
  • Pick between the 4 rewards. Be careful as you can only get one of them. The redemption period will end on October 2o.

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