Free Fire is certainly a competitive game, however, sometimes you just want to have fun instead of trying hard in games. In this article, we are going to showcase a Free Fire headshot hack mod APK 2021 download guide so that you can effortlessly grind your matches and get more levels.

Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod
Many sources promote 100% accurate headshot hack but not all of them bring good results.

1 - Free Fire headshot hack mod APK 2021 download

There are two best sites to get Free Fire hacks: and Both pages are decent, but kingmodapk has separate versions for the hack. One version supports gameplay cheats (such as aimbot, ESP Hacks, Blrx, headshot) while the other supports non-gameplay hack (such as unlimited diamonds and gold).

Both pages are updated very frequently with Free Fire's latest version. At the time this article is written, these headshot hack mod download pages are both offering version 1.65.1.

Free Fire back
Download Free Fire Modded APK 1.65.1 from trusted sources.

Notes when downloading Free Fire headshot hack mod

Overall, gameplay hacks are easier to detect and report while skin hacks are usually undetected. Therefore, you should try to keep it on the down-low while having fun with headshot hacks.

Check out the download page for those hacks every time Free Fire gets an update. Garena upgrades its anti-cheat program pretty often, and if you trigger it, your device would be banned. Furthermore, you might want to create a brand new account for hacking instead of using your main one, just in case.

Besides the Free Fire headshot hack mod APK 2021 download, both pages also have cheats for other games like Minecraft, Clash of Clans and even Ludo King. The hacks for other games usually have everything unlocked, from premium currency to remove ads.

Free Fire Mod Apk Hack 2021
The auto-aim feature in Free Fire headshot hack APK link 2021 download.

2 - How to install Free Fire headshot hack mod APK?

Below are the steps to download and install headshot hack mod apk file for Free Fire 2021.

  • Download apk file from Kingmodapk or Apkparty

Firstly, you need to visit and to download the setup file .apk and the data file .obb to your phone. While there are multiple older versions of the hack on kingmodapk, it is best to just download the latest one that has the same version number as Free Fire. It is best to bookmark the page if you plan on using these hacks in the future.

  • Run the apk file

Afterward, run the .apk file to install the game. Do not run it yet - you need to decompress the OBB data file then move it to the "Sdcard > Android > OBB" directory. To decompress, either use your phone's file explorer or download the RAR app on Google Play Store.

  • Launch Free Fire and enjoy the mod

After the steps are complete, just run the game and log in to enjoy your Free Fire headshot hack mod.

You might need to enable "unknown sources" on your device before installing this APK. To hack and play normally at the same time, just install both the hack and Free Fire MAX on your phone. These two apps are separated and hacking normal Free Fire won't affect MAX.

3. What are the main features of Free Fire headshot hack mod?

Besides auto headshot hack, this Free Fire hack mod also has many other features, such as:

Map Hack / Wallhack

Wall Hacks enable a player to see through walls and other such obstructions, enabling them to spot their opponents across the map and track their movements effortlessly. Map Hack works more or less the same way, tracking the location of other players across the map.

Garena Mod Apk
There are a lot of wallhack features that you can choose from.


This hack would give you reduce all damage taken from enemy attacks to zero so that enemies won't be able to kill you. However, you still take damage from other sources such as fall or circle damage. Just be careful when using this hack, as it gets reported easily.

Unlimited Diamond and Gold

The hack would give you unlimited diamond and gold so that you can spin as much as you want. Other currencies like Magic Cubes are also unlocked as well. However, just remember that these hacks won't carry to the normal version of Free Fire - you should not use your main account.

Miscellaneous hacks

Flying, teleport, mod menu, ESP, and more are also part of this hack.

Free Fire
Free Fire flying hack lets you zip around the sky.

Bypassing Garena's Cheat Detection

Free Fire headshot hack mod APK 2021 download bypasses Garena's anti-cheat system to keep your account safe. Because of that, it is highly unlikely that you would get banned using this APK hack... unless people report you, that is.

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