Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall's League Stage is finally over. After 9 days of grueling battle, 6 winners have emerged. They will advance directly to the Finals while the rest will have to battle in another round of Play-ins. In this article, we are going to recap week 3 and showcase the final standings of FFIC League Stage.

Before this, we have also covered the 1st week and 2nd week recap of the tournament.

1 - FFIC Fall 2021 League Stage Week 3 recap

Day 7: Group A vs Group C

Overall, 4 Unknown dominated week 3's first day, with 79 points and 30 kills in total. While they got two booyahs, Galaxy Racer is still a step ahead for consistently placed second, with even more kills than 4 Unknown, at 37. Trained to Kill got the 3rd spot this week.

day 7 standings
FFIC Fall League 2021 day 7 standings

Day 8: Group A vs Group B

Blind Esports come out on top during the 8th day, with 3 booyahs, earning 18 more points than TSM, the runner up. Fan favorite total gaming came third with 67 points. Desi Gamers, despite having a fairly mediocre last day with 11th place, kept their first spot in group A with a total of 96 points.

FFIC Fall League 2021 day 8
FFIC Fall League 2021 day 8 standings

Day 9: Group B vs Group C

During the last day of the tournament, UG Empire finished first with 80 points and 2 booyahs, however, that is not enough for them to get into the top 2 of their group. 4 Unknown also has a good day with a 2nd place finish and 71 points. The rest of the standings do not have any surprises, except for Galaxy Racer's 9th place finish - they have had a fairly mediocre day.

FFIC Fall League 2021 day 9
FFIC Fall League 2021 day 9 standings

2 - FFIC Fall 2021 League Stage Final Standings

The top 2 of each group advances to the Finals. Here are the qualified teams for the Grand Finals of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall:

  • Desi Gamers
  • Total Gaming Esports
  • BLIND Esports
  • Head Hunters
  • Galaxy Racer Esports
  • 4 Unknown

Overall, there have been no changes whatsoever in the top spots since the 2nd week. The most unlucky team is probably Aura gaming. While they have the same LP as Total gaming, the latter has better kill points, which net them a direct ticket to the finals. #3 to #6 in each group will participate in the play-ins for another chance to get to the last rounds.

 Final Standings
FFIC Fall League 2021 Stage Final Standings

3 - FFIC Fall 2021 League day 9 recap & MVP

Day 9 match recap

Overall, it is almost like the top squads decide to put less effort during the last day. Both Galaxy Racer and Blind Esports put in just enough effort to stay ahead.

  • PVS Gaming won the first match in Bermuda with 10 kills. This is their first booyah in this tournament. 4 Unknown won the 2nd match with 7 kills.
  • UG Empire put some serious effort in the final day, winning the 3rd and 6th match on Kalahari. Sadly, that's not enough for them to get the top 2. They got 9 and 10 kills respectively.
  • Skylightz Gaming and Titanium Army took booyahs in the fourth and fifth match respectively.

Day 9 MVP

UG Empire's Golden18 becomes the MVP of League Stage's last day. He scored 13 kills total, with a respectable 9443 damage. His other teammates in UG didn't make it to the list - with PVS and 4UN claiming 3 spots.

day 9 mvp
Day 9 MVP standings.

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