Free Fire MAX is now available for gamers to join and prove their dominance. Aggressive playstyle is a strategy many players choose to fight against enemies and obtain a better payoff from a fight.

Apart from having the best aggressive characters from Free Fire MAX such as K, DJ Alok, Chrono, Skyler, and more, choosing a suitable company for them also play a big part in deciding your winning. So check out the best pets for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire MAX here.

1. Detective Panda

HP gain is crucial in rush gameplay and the adorable Panda in Free Fire MAX is an expert in health increase. Panda’s Blessings will help restore a maximum of four HP per kill.

In a close-proximity battle, any HP gain is important and Detective Panda’s ability can maximize to 10 HP for each kill at the highest upgrade level.

Panda Free Fire Max
Detective Panda is a highly-appreciated pet in Free Fire.

2. Ottero

While Panda offers HP, Ottero’s skill is about EP. Its skill, Double Blubber, provides an EP gain whenever you use healing items. As the increase will decompose over time and becomes HP, the gain in HP is also important to aggressive Free Fire MAX players.

At level 1 of the skill, the gain in EP is 35% of recovered HP. You can upgrade it to 65%  of HP recovery.

Ottero Free Fire Max
Otterro is among the best pets for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire MAX.

3. Beaston

Beaston’s skill, called Helping Hands, helps it become one of the best pets for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire MAX. The skill helps enhance throwables such as gloo wall, smoke, explosive grenades, and flashbang.

At the default level, the increase in range is 10 percent which can be enhanced to 30 percent at level 3. Boosted throwing capability is especially helpful while rushing.

Beaston Free Fire Max
Many aggro players trust Beaston for their gameplay.

4. Falco

Everyone aspires to have an advantage while early landing as Free Fire matches are quite intense. Early landing is tactically crucial for everyone as players can get good loot as well as early kills.

Falco’s skill Skyline Spree helps players have a substantial boost in diving and gliding speed by 25% and 15%, respectively after their parachutes open.

Users can maximize the speeds to 50% and 45% after skill upgrades. It is also one of the top 5 pets to combo with Chrono in Free Fire OB30. However, take note that Falco’s skill only comes in handy game the classic Battle Royale games in Free Fire MAX.

Falco Free Fire Max
Falco has a skill called Skyline Spree.

5. Mr. Waggor

Gloo walls are used when gamers are outnumbered or receive damage and have to heal themselves. Considering how aggressive players play in the matches, gloo walls will be essential when you need to avoid damage or distract opponents.

Mr Waggor Free Fire Max
Mr. Waggor

Smooth Gloo, the ability of Mr. Waggor, generates a gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds. You can decrease the time of the skill’s CD to 100 seconds only at the third level of skill.

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