Mobile gamers can now get on Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download Free Fire Max. The standalone battle royale game owns the same gameplay like Free Fire. However, it is currently under extended maintenance.

Meanwhile, players of Free Fire are more than thrilled as the long-awaited OB30 update has arrived for the standard game. Upon the latest release, fans are torn between whether which on is better between Free Fire Max vs Free Fire.

Free Fire Max
Why is Free Fire Max considered to be better compared to Free Fire?

A more universal opinion agrees that Free Fire Max is actually better than Free Fire. Below are the three reasons why.

1. Enhanced graphics

The first factor making Free Fire Max have an edge over Free Fire is its enhanced graphics. The former is not limited to only upgrades but will also feature a touch of immersion for sound effects.

There will be improvement in animations and actions such as jumping, running will look smoother. Also, weapons' loading animation has equally been optimized. These factors will serve a huge part in enhancing players' experience.

Players have also reviewed that Free Fire Max has smoother graphics.

2. New features

For the unknown, Free Fire Max will add exclusive features that every mobile gamer can enjoy. The title will add a 360-degree lobby where you can use as a place to flaunt you in-game cosmetic items.

Besides, Free Fire Max also has the Craftland mode which lets players set up and upload their very own maps. You can use a Craftland room to invite your friends and play the matches on the maps you have created.

Free Fire Max Lobby
Free Fire Max wins the Free Fire Max vs Free Fire battle for its new lobby.

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3. Firelink technology

Interestingly, Free Fire Max lets those who have the base in Free Fire engage in battles with them. This is one of the best factors that makes Free Fire max stand out more in the battle of Free Fire Max vs Free Fire.

Queues and lobbies will be a Free Fire and Free Fire Max's platform, allowing those who have weaker hardware to compete with their fellows. It is the Firelink technology that makes the cross-play possible. Meanhwhile, no competitive benefit will be given to either Free Fire Max or Free Fire players.

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