Looks like Garena is going to make Booyah Day a yearly affair. It is the celebration of Garena's video streaming platform, Booyah's release. In this article, we are going to showcase everything available so far about the upcoming Free Fire Booyah Day 2.0 event.

1 - When is Booyah Day event 2021?

Free Fire's official streaming platform, Booyah, is going to celebrate its first anniversary soon. To celebrate, Garena is going to release a series of new events that include Booyah-themed cosmetics on Free Fire and Free Fire Max. While there is not much info available about the specific events yet, it is likely that this year's celebration would be named Booyah Day 2.0.

Some sources reveal that the Booyah Day 2.0 event will begin as soon as the Venom 2 collaboration ends. The previous year's Booyah Day was October 25, 2020. Therefore, players can expect the peak day of the event to be on the same date, or at least close to it.

Booyah Day 2.0
There are going to be lots of rewards in Booyah Day 2.0

What is Booyah?

It is a special platform designed for Free Fire content creators with optimization for streaming from mobile devices. Users can also post clips and stream other games.

Booyah items
Booyah themed items in Free Fire.

2 - Booyah Day 2.0 exclusive bundles and skin

The Booyah day 2.0 event will include 4 exclusive bundles of the same type but with different colours. Furthermore, a UMP skin is also teased as well. They are called "skull master set" in Spanish, however, it is likely that Garena will change the name when it comes to the Global version.

Skullmaster set

All 4 sets are pretty good looking, with a skull mask and flaming hair effect. Both the top and bottom are also based on the skull motif, however, they are much more stylized comparing to the previous sets with the same theme.

Gold version
The gold version of the Skull master set
 Skull master set
The platinum version of the Skull master set
The Ruby version of the Skull master set.
Skull master set.
The Diamond version of the Skull master set.

3 - UMP Booyah Day

The Booyah Day UMP is going to be an EVO weapon. Overall, it looks like a gold version of the cobra EVO, with a slightly different effect.

UMP Booyah Day
UMP Booyah Day is an evo gun with multiple levels.

UMP Booyah Day 2021 (Level 1)

  • Damage+
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Reload Speed--

UMP Booyah Day 2021 (Level 2)

  • Damage+
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Reload Speed-

UMP Booyah Day 2021 (Level 6)

  • Damage++
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Reload Speed-

UMP Booyah Day 2021 (Level 7)

  • Damage++
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Reload Speed-
  • Special Ability: additional damage when the round begins

The UMP Booyah Day 2021 is much better than the 2020 version. Its stats improve drastically with levels... with both bonuses being useful for the UMP (damage and fire rate). Furthermore, at the final level, the UMP Booyah Day 2021 gains the ability to deal additional damage when the round begins. Overall, with this skin, the weapon is going to be the best alternative for the MP40 in Clash Squad and BR.

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