Free Fire has a unique weapon skins system that buffs the stats of the weapons in the game. Among weapon skins, Evolution skins are the most premium ones. They not only have superior stats, but they also have all kinds of unique effects and modifiers for players to unlock.

There is currently a total of 5 Evolution skins in Free Fire. As the OB30 update in Free Fire approaches, Free Fire is going to release a new Evolution skin for the UMP, the UMP Booyah Day 2021 skin. Let's check out the details of this new skin.

Ump Evo Skin
Free Fire is going to release a new Evo skin for the UMp in the OB30 update. (Source: yogijrgaming)

UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evo Skin

Just like all other Evolution skin, the UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evo skin will have a total of 7 levels. The skin will get more powerful and have more effects as you level it up.

Here are the stats of the UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evo Skin:

  • Damage ++
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload Speed -
  • Special ability: Weapon damage increases after the round begins.

There will be a special token for you to upgrade this latest UMP 2021 Evo skin. At Level 7, the skins will give the UMP 2 Damage buffs, 1 Rate of Fire buff, while reducing the Reload Speed. Not to mention that the Special ability of the UMP Evo skin will increase its damage even further.

This is no doubt the strongest UMP skin in Free Fire as it can increase the damage output of the weapon by a large margin. With this skin, the UMP might even compete against the MP40 and the Vector, which are the 2 strongest SMGs in Free Fire at the moment.

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