The second day of Free Fire Pro Series Snapdragon Conquest's 2nd week has just concluded. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 2, including overall standings, MVPs, and more.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 2: Overall standings

Blind Esports, formerly known as team Captains, claimed the day. They managed to score a whopping 102 points and widen the leads between them and 4 Unknown, the 2nd place, to 70 points. The overall top 6 does not change muych, with Evil Army, Head Hunters and Team Elite keeping their spots. D Esports was kicked out of the top 6, with TSG claiming their place.

Below are the overall standings of the tournament after week 2 day 2:

top half
Top 12 Leaderboard

Overall, if they keep this level of performance to the end of the League Stage, Blind Esports' #1 spot is pretty much guaranteed. Overall, only the race for the top 6 matters - based on the Free Fire Pro Series India 2021 format, they are going to directly advance to the finals. The #7 to #18 would have to play another play-ins round.

The first and second position has begun to separate themselves from the rabble, with 4 Unknown having more than 50 points lead over Evil Army. Fan-favorites Team Elite slipped to sixth place as they accumulated only 29 points for the day. Keep this up and they would be kicked out of the top 6.

bottom half
Bottom 12 leaderboards

Not much changed amongst the bottom 6 of the tournament. While they are named teams that have participated in recent tournaments, the roster of FFPS is just too high-level. Nemesis has the best chances to escape the elimination zone, with only 2 points less than the 18th spot.

2 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 2 recap

  • The first match on Bermuda between Group A and C was claimed by Evil Army. Black Tiger becomes the match's MVP, who clutched the victory by going 1 vs 2 against two TSG players at the end.
  • 4 Unknown won the second map on Kalahari. 2 members of team Evil Army survive until the end, but Anand succeeded in eliminating them. he got the MVP of the round later for 5 frags.
  • The third match between groups B and D was dominated by Blind Esports with a whopping 11 frags. Akashdip took 5 of that and gain the MVP title.
  • Blind came in second in the fourth match with a formidable 8 frags, but the booyah was forfeited to Desi Gamers with 10.
  • The fifth and sixth match of the day was claimed by 4 Unknown and AFF Esports, with 13 and 6 frags respectively.

3 - MVPs of Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 2

Best Squad of the day

Below is the perfect team of FFPS week 2 day 2, with the best member in the roles.

  • 4 Unknown Anand
  • 4 Unknown Deadsoul
  • Blind AkashDip
  • Evil Army Black Tiger

Top 5 MVP of Free Fire Pro Series week 2 day 2

  • 4 Unknown Anand - 10 kills
  • Blind AkashDip - 9 kills
  • Blind Abhay - 8 kills
  • 4 Unknown Radhetkr - 7 kills
  • Life Hackers Taneja - 7 kills
Blind Akashdip managed to claim the 2nd spot with only 1929 damage, one of the lowest damage records for someone in the MVP leaderboards.

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