AC80 is the newest weapon added to Free Fire, as part of the OB29 update. While it usually takes some time for new weapons to get skins, Garena decides to release a skin for the AC80 right away. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the weapon. In this article, we are going to showcase the new Fury Tribe AC80 skin to see whether it is worth buying or not.

1 - How to get the new Fury Tribe AC80 skin?

As usual, you can unlock the AC80 skins by opening its exclusive loot crate available in the store. The AC80 Fury Tribe Weapon Loot Crate can be purchased from the shop for 25 diamonds each.

 Fury Tribe AC80 Skin
You can buy the AC80 skin crate in the shop.

Below is the drop list for the crate - users will randomly receive one of the following items.

  • AC80 – Fury Tribe
  • 1x Tribe Token
  • 2x Tribe Tokens
  • 3x Tribe Tokens
  • 4x Tribe Tokens
  • 5x Tribe Tokens
  • 10x Tribe Tokens

If players can't get the skin itself as a drop, they can exchange for the AC80 – Fury Tribe skin with 100 tribe tokens.

 Fury Tribe AC80 Skin
The Fury Tribe AC80 looks excellent, with lines of red and blue on a green and golden gilded body.

To do this, just click on the redeem tab in the store and select AC-80 Fury Tribe Weapon. Press the exchange button to obtain the skin. Overall, this is a decent "pity" mechanic that allows people to get a guaranteed skin after a certain number of spins (if they are unlucky).

2 - How good is the Fury Tribe AC80 skin?

The AC80 is one of the best marksman rifles in Free Fire after OB28. It has the ability to deal extra damage on the second consecutive shot on a target, which allows users to two-shot most enemies if they are accurate enough.

The bonus of the Fury Tribe skin gives the AC80 bonus armor penetration and magazine, which it sorely needs. The accuracy demerit is not too much of a problem, as the AC80 already has a high enough accuracy.

 Fury Tribe AC80 Skin
The bonuses for this skin is quite good.

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