Free Fire is a highly competitive game, and with each big "OB" patch, Garena always rebalances its weapons. This ensures that no weapon gets too strong or too weak. This OB29 patch is not an exception - in this article, we are going to analyze the upcoming weapon changes in Free Fire OB29 update.

1 - Weapon rebalances (Stats Adjustment)

Overall, this patch is mostly a "buff" patch, with the less useful SMGs and shotguns getting massively improved. The biggest winners are the SPAS12 and the UZI. The former gets a huge range increase, along with a muzzle slot that gives it even more range. You can actually "snipe" with the SPAS12 now, from a relatively longer distance than usual. The UZI gets a general buff on all the important stats like range and damage.

M1887 Free Fire OB29
The M1887 might not be as strong anymore in Free Fire OB29.

The M1887 is the only weapon hit with a nerf this patch. Its AP, fire rate and range get moderately reduced. This is fair enough, as the weapon has the highest damage in Free Fire OB28 and has overshadowed other shotguns ever since its release.


  • Minimum Damage: +8%
  • Effective Range: +10%
  • Magazine: +2%


  • Recoil: +5%
  • Rate of Fire: +10%


  • Range: +15%
  • Added Muzzle and Scope attachment slot


  • Movement Speed: +10%
  • Range: +5%


  • Armor Penetration: -6%
  • Rate of Fire: -5%
  • Range: -8%

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2 - Attachment changes in OB29

New attachments

There will be 3 new attachments added to the game's BR mode:

  • AR Magazine: Increase rate of fire and decrease magazine store.
  • Shotgun Muzzle: Increase damage
  • SMG Muzzle: Increase damage during burst

The new muzzle on shotguns and SMGs provides much-needed damage for these weapons - especially the SMGs. The new AR magazine will be the most wanted attachment for assaulters - all AR can use an increase in fire rate, as it makes getting headshot much easier.

Weapons Free Fire OB29
Attachments are going to play a bigger role in matches.

Muzzle Attachment

  • The effective range provided by muzzles on SMGs and Shotguns is reduced.

This nerf is probably to make up for the extra damage provided by the new muzzle attachments. Extra damage with the same bonus range would be too strong.

Double Magazine

  • Magazine Size: +60% -> +40%

The double magazine is one of the best attachments in Free Fire. It has the highest magazine increase on top of the x2 reload speed. This nerf reduces its power a little, but overall everything stay the same.

5 - New Weapons in Free Fire OB29


The new AC80 gun in Free Fire OB29 is a DMR with a special ability to deal extra damage on two continuous shots. AC80 is going to be one of the strongest weapons in Free Fire, rivaling other sniper rifles like the Woodpecker or the AWM.

Ac80 Gun Free Fire OB29
Free Fire AC80 Gun is going to be the next OP weapon

In order to use the AC80 more effectively, a sniper build with Maro, Laura and Rafael is recommended. It is best to use this gun as the sole sniping weapon. If you change the weapon after firing a shot, the extra damage boost is lost.

M4A1 Variant

M4A1 can be upgraded to X, Y, or Z versions using M4 Chip in the vending machine. This is much more convenient now, especially if you are a new player. The M4A1 is the easiest weapon to use out there, and upgrading them is going to be much easier now with this system.

Decoy Grenades

Upon activation, Decoy Grenades create noise and reveal themselves on the minimap. This grenade will be a new tactical device to draw enemy attention before a rush. Don't rely on it too much, as the duration of the effect is not that long.

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