Free Fire Pro Series Snapdragon Conquest's 2nd week has just ended. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 3, including overall standings, MVPs, and more. You can check the recap for Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 2 and Day 1 in our previous posts.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 3: Overall standings

The 2nd week of the Free Fire Pro Series ended with yet another splendid performance from Blind Esports (formerly team Captains). They secured three booyahs and gained a total of 110 points. Overall, the team is pretty much unstoppable. Their #1 spot is more or less in the bag now, as they have a 120 points lead on the runner-up squad.

Top 12
Top 12 leaderboards

Team Chaos, who has been struggling in the last few days, managed to gain 83 points and get out of the bottom of the list. 4 Unknown managed to maintain their lead, however, it has shrunk to only 40 points after today's underwhelming performance.

The battle for a slot in the top 6 is still raging, with almost every team in the top half being super close to each other. D Esports is probably the biggest disappointment - they have fallen to #11 at the end of week 2. Overall, only the race for the top 6 matters - based on the Free Fire Pro Series India 2021 format, they are going to directly advance to the finals.

Bottom 12
Bottom 12 leaderboards

Total Gaming is not able to find its groove and is currently 15th. The team of former Galaxy Racer players, Never Broke Down, is breaking down in the 23rd spot. The battle to get out of the bottom 6 is also heating up, with Chaos' crazy reversal. As there are still 3 days left, all squads can still mount a comeback.

2 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 3 recap

  • Blind won the 1st, 2nd and 5th match of the day, with 6, 13 and 6 kills respectively. Blind.Nivesh was the MVP in the first two matches, scoring 5 and 8 kills. Blind.Ginotra is the MVP of the last one.
  • Team Chaos won the 3rd match, with Vivek claiming 5 out of their 10 kills. Head Hunters won the 4th match with 11 kills - Aasim is their MVP with 6. TSM managed to finish 2nd while LVL Iconic finished 3rd.
  • The sixth and final game of the week ended with Ug Mania claiming Booyah with 10 kills. Team Chaos played well and became the runner-up with 12 kills.

3 - MVPs of Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 3

Best Squad of the day

Below is the perfect team of FFPS week 2 day 2, with the best member in the roles.

  • Blind Nivesh
  • Team Chaos Vivek
  • Head Hunters Aasim
  • UG Javaboy

Top 5 MVP of Free Fire Pro Series week 2 day 3

Here are the best players on day 3:

Nivesh scored a crazy 15 kills and 8000 damage.
  • Blind Nivesh - 15 kills
  • Team Chaos Vivek - 11 kills
  • Head Hunters Aasim - 8 kills
  • Team Chaos Max07 - 7 kills
  • PVS Gaming Yogi - 7 kills

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