Free Fire is known for releasing new events frequently for players to claim free Free Fire skins or get items at a discounted price. In the latest Free Fire Super Match event, you will be able to purchase items with the price of as low as only 9 Diamonds. Learn how this new event works here.

Free Fire Super Match
Get items for the price of only 9 Diamonds now.

Free Fire Super Match event

The Free Fire Super Match event lasts from September 23 to September 29.

The event features a total of 6 discount options and 6 prizes. You can try out your luck by starting a Free Match. It will pick out for you a discount option and a prize at random. The discount will then be applied to that item.

If you are lucky, you can get a discount that makes the item only costs 9 Diamonds. Other than that, there are also the 90% discount option and the 80% discount, which are also really good.

Free Fire Super Match 1
You can draw a Free Match first to get a random discount and a random prize.

You must buy that item before you can do a Free Match again. Once you buy it, both the discount and the item will be removed from the pool.

Free Fire Super Match 2
The discount will be applied to the prize and you must buy it before you can Free Match again.

Here is the list of 6 discount options in Free Fire Super Match event:

  • 9 Diamonds
  • 50% Discount
  • 60% Discount
  • 70% Discount
  • 80% Discount
  • 90% Discount

Here is the list of prizes you can get:

  • Elite Pass Season 40 - Quantic Unknown
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle
  • Chrono character
  • Beaston pet
  • Bhangra Emote
  • Black Dragon

Do you find any items you want in the Free Fire Super Match event? If you do then join now and get it.

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