Emotes are among the many items that attract the vast pool of players for Garena Free Fire. It is also the top sought-after commodity in the battle royale game. You can generally obtain them through the in-game store with diamonds.

But the apparent issue that almost all players have to overcome is that they do not have enough diamonds to get the emotes they want. The solution is always here to help, you just have to know that it exists.

Here’s a breakdown on how to get free emotes in Free Fire this month!

Ff Emotes
It is much more money-saving if you get Free Fire emotes via these events.

How to get free emotes in Free Fire in September

For this month, we have two ways to get Free Fire emotes without paying for a single penny.

BOOYAH! Sign up now!

BOOYAH! is a common event where you can obtain free emotes. On the BOOYAH! application, a current event is running and you have to create/register for an account, then watch a livestream for half an hour in order to have a chance to get free rewards.

The Groza Booyah skin, LOL emote are among the many prizes Free Fire gamers can get from the event. What you should remember is to link the new account to your Free Fire accounts.

BOOYAH! Sign up now! only requires you to create an account and watch livestreams for 30 minutes.

Players can download the BOOYAH! application from Google Play Store.

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Amazon Prime Rewards

Another method of how to get free emotes in Free Fire is via Amazon Prime Awards. For those unknown, the Wiggle Walk emote is up for grabs for redemption through Amazon Prime Rewards where you can claim it between September 16 to September 29.

Amazone Prime Rewards
Make sure to get Free Fire rewards every month via the pool of Amazon Prime.

In case you are not familiar with the event, what you need to do is very simple.

You must link an Amazon account to an active Prime membership. Once having done so, you will have the eligibility to get an assortment of prizes such as costumes, characters, emotes, among others.

Amazone Prime Rewards Free Fire
Here's what you have to do to claim the currently available Wiggle Walk emote.

Every two weeks, they will get new rewards up for redemption. Therefore, Amazon Prime Awards is a great option if you want to get free items like Free Fire emotes.

In the picture below are the rules for this Amazon Prime event:

Amazon Prime
Take note of these rules to make sure you can have the free Free Fire emote for yourself.

Note: It is vital to own a Prime membership and a regular Amazon account does not work for this event.

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