The Monster Truck is a unique vehicle in Free Fire. It has a bulky look with 4 giant wheels, unlike other vehicles. The Monster Truck was released in 2018 and it has been the most favorite vehicle in Free Fire because of its look and the advantages it gives players.

In this article, we are going to share with you 3 fun facts about the Monster Truck in Free Fire.

1. Monster Truck can only be obtained through airdrop.

At first, the airdrop in Free Fire only gave players weapons and equipment. Garena has come up with the idea to add the Monster Truck as one of the rewards in the airdrop. It is quite rare to find this vehicle in a match unless you try to find all the airdrop.

The light emitted from the Monster Truck in Free Fire is the same as the light from other airdrops so checking them all is the only way to get this vehicle.

Monster Truck Free Fire Airdrop
You can only find a Monster Truck in airdrops.

2. Monster Truck has the highest HP in Free Fire.

The Monster Truck in Free Fire has a total of 800 HP, which is the highest HP out of all vehicles in the game. It also matches its giant look. With this huge amount of HP, it is really hard to blow up the vehicle. This makes driving the Monster Truck much safer than other vehicles.

Monster Truck in Free Fire
The Monster Truck has a total of 800 HP.

3. Monster Truck can easily travel on steep terrain.

With a powerful engine, the Monster Truck can easily climb up hills and even certain buildings that no other vehicle can. This allows players to travel around the map much easier with the Monster Truck.

 Factory Monster Truck 2
The Monster Truck and easily travel through many terrains.

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