Free Fire skins are a very important part of Free Fire. They can make your character look better while also increase your power in the game. Garena Free Fire is known for releasing new free fire skins frequently through events and the Luck Royale for players to obtain.

Fre Fire Rampage New Dawn Protogonists
Free Fire has new events every month and there are tons of rewards for players to claim, including skins.

How to get Free Fire skins for free

There are many ways to get Free Fire skins for free, including legitimate methods and unconventional methods.

1. In-game events

Free Fire has plans for tons of in-game events every single month. Some events will cost Diamonds while some will give you free Free Fire skins just by doing simple missions. As long as you keep yourself up to date with the latest Free Fire news about events. You can easily get a dozen of free skins every month.

2. Luck Royale

There are three types of Luck Royale where you can get free skins, including Gold Royale, Diamond Royale, and Weapon Royale.

  • Gold Royale

The Gold Royale is a lucky spin for free-to-play players in Free Fire. It features a new bundle as the grand prize every 2 months. You can spin the Gold Royale using Gold, which all players can grind easily by simply playing the game. There are also Gold Royale Vouchers from events that can give you one spin each.

4th Anniversary Free Fire Gold Royale Spin
The Gold Royale is a lucky spin for free-to-play players in Free Fire.
  • Diamond Royale

The Diamond Royale is a premium lucky spin in the Luck Royale in Free Fire. You need to use Diamonds to spin it but the bundles featured in the Diamond Royale are also really well-designed. To spin the Diamond Royale, you need to use the Diamond Royale Voucher, which you can claim for free in events quite often.

  • Weapon Royale

The Diamond Royale is a premium lucky spin in the Luck Royale for weapon skins in Free Fire. It features the latest Weapon skins as the Grand Prize. Just like the Diamonds Royale, you need to use Diamonds or Weapon Royale Vouchers to spin it.

3. Free Fire skins hack

Free Fire skins hack and Free Fire skin generator are programs that can modify your game file to give you the skin you want. Some of the best Free Fire skins hacks are Lulubox and Nicoo App. Basically, they will let you wear any skin you want from the Free Fire store. You are the only one who sees the skin while other players don't. Also, your hack gun skins will not grant additional attributes.

Lulubox Website
Lulubox can mod the game to give you whatever skin you want in the Free Fire store.

Since these apps don't really give you an advantage over other players or actually give you any skin, they are quite safe to use. Still, there is a very small chance that you might get banned for using them.

What is the rarest skin in Free Fire?

The rarest skin in Free Fire is the AK Blue Flame Draco Evolution skin. Evolution skins are the skins with the highest rarity in Free Fire. The AK Blue Flame Draco was the first-ever Evolution skin that was introduced, making it the oldest and the rarest Evolution skin.

While Evolution skins are powerful, investing in them can cost thousands of Diamonds so not many players can obtain them. Also, once the chance to buy them is gone, players won't be able to obtain them anymore unless Free Fire decides to bring them back.

Latest Free Fire skins update (September 2021)

Here is the list of the latest Free Fire skins you can claim for free in September 2021.

1. SPAS Cosmic Teleportia

The SPAS Cosmic Teleportia skin is the latest weapon skin in the Weapon Royale in Free Fire. The skin offers a great damage buff plus a Magainze buff while reducing the accuracy of the weapon. Overall, it is a very decent skin for the SPAS

Spas Cosmic Teleportia
Spas Cosmic Teleportia is the latest bundle in the Weapon Royale in Free Fire.

2. Flaro Tribe Bundle

The Flaro Tribe Bundle is the latest bundle in the Diamond Royale in Free Fire. The Flaro Tribe Diamond Royale will last until September 26.

Flaro Tribe Bundle
Flaro Tribe bundle is the latest bundle in the Diamond Royale in Free Fire.

3. Imperial Malikah Bundle

The Imperial Malikah Bundle is the current Grand prize of the Gold Royale in Free Fire.

Free Fire New Gold Royale 2021
The Imperial Malikah Bundle in Gold Royale

4. Moco's Rebirth skins

These are the skins players can claim in Moco's Rebirth events such as the Coder's Crib, Stronghold mode.

Stronghold Mode Free Fire
Play Stronghold mode in Free Fire and get the Glo Rubik backpack.
Moco Parachute
Claim the Moco's Wing Parachute skin in the Horizon Store.

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