Another item to add to your collection, Free Fire New Gold Royale Bundle 2021 is coming to town! Let's check out what bundle we will be getting this time.

For your information, the Luck Royale is the place where Free Fire periodically releases new skins and bundles. It is a lucky spin system with different types of lucky spin including Diamond Royale, Gold Royale, Incubator, Weapon Royale,... While most of these lucky spins require you to use Diamond, the Gold Royale only requires you to use Gold, allowing free-to-play players to get a new bundle easily.

Free Fire Battle Royale Rank
Free Fire is known for releasing new skins frequently for players to obtain.

New Gold Royale Imperial Malikah Female Bundle

The next Gold Royale bundle in Free Fire will be available on August 4, right after the maintenance for the OB29 update, and last for about 2 months, typically when the next big update arrives. As the result, this new Gold Royale bundle will replace the current Keyboard Warrior bundle.

Free Fire usually alternates between male and female in the Gold Royale so this time we will have a female bundle. Thus, the Free Fire new Gold Royale bundle 2021 will be the Imperial Malikah female bundle. You can take a look at the picture below to see how the bundle looks like.

Free Fire New Gold Royale 2021
The Gold Royale in the Free Fire OB29 update will be a female bundle.

This female bundle has a strong Middle East vibe with White, Gold, and Blue colors.

The new Free Fire Gold Royale bundle 2021 has a total of 4 parts:

  1. Imperial Malikah shirt.
  2. Imperial Malikah pant.
  3. Imperial Malikah shoes.
  4. Imperial Malikah head.
Free Fire Ob29 Gold Royale
The new Gold Royale Imperial Malikah Female Bundle gives away a strong Middle East vibe.

For those unversed, the male counterpart of the Imperial Malikah female bundle is the Regal Malik male bundle. This male bundle will be available in the FF token shop in the OB29 update and will be sold for 50 FF Token each piece, which is 200 FF tokens in total.

Regal Malik Bundle Free Fire De46
The male counterpart of the Imperial Malikah female bundle is the Regal Malik male bundle in the FF Token shop.

How to make use of Gold Royale in Free Fire

The Gold Royale in Free Fire is a lucky spin in the Lucky Royale that uses Gold. Players can spend 300 Gold to spin once or 3000 Gold to spin 11 times. In addition, each player has 1 free spin in the Gold Royale every day. Besides, they can also use Gold Royale Vouchers to spin the  Gold Royale for free, which can be found in many in-game events.

Gold Royale Free Fire
The Gold Royale Free Fire is where free-to-play players can get new bundles for free.

With each spin, players will get a small reward or the Grand Prize. For the spin that doesn't land on the Grand Prize, the Luck Quotient will increase by 1 and increase your chance of getting the Grand Prize in the next spin.

Another thing to note is that Gold is a currency in Free Fire that players can earn for free by doing different activities in the game. Here are a few ways to get Gold fast in Free Fire:

  • Daily login: Just by logging in to the game daily, players can claim various rewards, including Gold.
Gold Free Fire
Log in daily will get you Gold in Free Fire.
  • Play matches: After each match, you play in Free Fire, you will be rewarded with an amount of Gold based on your performance.
In Game Event Free Fire
To earn gold fast to spin the Gold Royale, you need to join in-game events.
  • In-game events: Free Fire release new in-game events constantly and many of these events give players Gold for doing simple tasks.
Gold Reward Free Fire
You will get Gold rewards when after each match in Free Fire.
  • Rank rewards: At the end of each Classic or Clash Squad rank season, players will earn rewards based on their final rank in that Season, including quite a lot of Gold.
Rank Rewards Free Fire A19d
You can get Gold based on your rank at the end of a rank season

It is important that players should not use any third-party app to try to get Gold illegally in Free Fire. Those who are found using these apps will be banned permanently.

Free Fire OB29 upcoming bundles and skins

As usual, apart from the Free Fire new Gold Royale bundle 2021, the OB29 update will bring tons of new Legendary skins to Free Fire.  To sum it up, here are all the Legendary items that will be in the Free Fire Ob29 update according to YouTuber Free Fire World.

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