Snapdragon Conquest: Free Fire Pro Series first matchday of the 2nd week has just ended. In this article, let's take a look at the Free Fire Pro Series (FFPS) Week 2 Day 1 Recap.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 1: Overall standings

Chemin Esports was the best team of the day and scored the highest amount of points (94). This boost them to the first part of the table - they were #15th last week. Blind Esports, the first week's top squad, gained 82 points and keep their first spot. They are followed by Evil Army and 4 Unknown, both with 69 points. Below are the overall standings of the tournament after week 2 day 1:

Overall standings
Top half of points standings

Overall, Blind Esports has nothing to worry about - they have about 50 points more than the 2nd team. Then again, only the race for the top 6 matters - based on the Free Fire Pro Series India 2021 format, they are going to directly advance to the finals. The #7 to #18 would have to play another play-ins round.

Team D Esports had a perfect day overall, with 63 points accumulated. They claimed the third spot, kicking Team Elite down to the fourth place with 257 points. Total Gaming Esports remains in 13th place with only 192 points - they are one of the more disappointing squads in the tournament.

The bottom 6 from team Nemesis to Mayhem are likely to get eliminated if they keep this performance up. Out of the 6, Nemesis has the highest chance to get back to the qualification zone.

Overall standings
Bottom half of point standings

2 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 1 recap

  • The first match was played on the island of Bermuda. Blind Esports started the day with a splendid performance, killing nearly half the players on the map (20) and taking the booyah. Blind. Nivesh set a record for the highest number of kills in one match, with a final score of 11. Obviously, he became the MVP of the first round.
  • The second round on Kalahari was claimed by Chemin Esports with 9 kills in total. Chemin. Ashustar became the MVP with 5 of them.  LVL Iconic finished 2nd with 8 kills.
  • Head Hunters won the 3rd match between groups C and D with only 3 kills. While the odds were stacked against HH Raja, he stood his ground and eliminated all members of Desi Gamers, who finished second.
  • The 4th match of the day was won by TSM with 12 kills. Mr. Jay scored five kills and become the MVP of the round. Evil Army finished 2nd with 14 frags while 4 Unknown ranked 3rd.
  • D Esports won the fifth match with 8 frags. Head Hunters again claimed the booyah in the sixth match, with only 5 frags. They are the master of playing slow & steady, gaining booyah without many kills.

3 - MVPs of Free Fire Pro Series Week 2 Day 1

Blind Esports remained on top of the overall points table with 76 kills and 321 points. 4Unknown has moved up one spot to the second with 62 kills and 268 points. Team D Esports had a perfect day. They accumulated 63 points and are third, while Team Elite fell to fourth place with 257 points. With 192 points, Total Gaming Esports remains in 13th place.

  1. Blind Nivesh- 12 kills
  2. CES Koushik7- 10 kills
  3. EA Bheem- 10 kills
  4. 4UN Anand- 7 kills
  5. CES Ashustar- 7 kills

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