Squad vs Squad fights are one of the crucial parts of a match. The result of that fight usually decides which team would come out on top. However, with bullets flying everywhere and dangerous skills activated liberally, inexperienced players might get confused. In this article, we are going to showcase the tips and tricks of how to win Squad vs Squad fights in Free Fire.

1. Always have one or two teammates with support abilities

This is a staple to all team-based games, and Free Fire is not an exception. Having a teammate with a strong support ability can be invaluable in squad vs squad fights - they can even shift the tide of battle singlehandedly.

Alok and the newly released Dimitri are the best for this role. Their healing aura affects all the teammates in the area and in Dimitri's case, allowing the downed player to get up by themselves. This is super useful in combat as it allows the helper to remain involved in the duration of the help.

Dimitri in Free Fire
Dimitri's ability is one of the more useful support skill.

2. Have at least one sniper/range specialist

As Free Fire is a battle royale game with a huge map, its combat happens most of the time in medium or long range. While snipers in squad mode is not nearly as powerful as snipers in solo mode (enemies do not get killed instantly), they can get cover fire from teammates. This removes the biggest weakness that snipers usually have: getting backstabbed in close range combat.

A good sniper can pin down the enemy team and force them to use up items and skills. The long range scope is a good scouting tool as well

3. Let team members with aggressive skills go first

It is important that you fill out your team with all the roles. In Free Fire squad vs squad fights, there are times in which you have to rush at the enemies to break the stalemate. This means people with a rushing skillset like A124, Alok or Chrono need to read the situation, call the shot and go first.

Always remember to tell your team and get everyone on the same page before going in. You will need all the backup you can get to win the fight.

Shirou And Chrono
Chrono's shield is great for rushing.

4. Divide the loot equally

Try to gear up your whole team first with a comfortable weapon before engaging. A player's DPS is only as good as his guns - if your sniper hasn't found a sniper rifle yet, it might not be a good idea to engage.

A teammate without a proper weapon or low on ammunition is likely to falter during a fight and get the team eliminated.

5. Plan ahead before jumping

Any team should have a captain who calls the shot. Members spreading out and do their own thing is not recommended. Players should plan ahead as much as possible before the match starts: from landing spots to roles.

This will allow the team to save time and focus more on the important stuff like looting and rotating.

Free Fire Landing Spots
You need a captain in every team.

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