While Free Fire is a battle royale game on mobile, players can play the game on PCs with a Free Fire Android emulator using a mouse and keyboard. The problem is that the people who use an emulator can play against the people who play on mobile.

This is totally unfair for mobile players since it is much easier to control and aim using a mouse and keyboard. That's why Garena has made a huge change on the matchmaking in Free Fire and only let emulator players play with each other.

A matchmaking pool for emulator players in Free Fire

In one of the recent posts on Free Fire's social media, Free Fire announced that there will be a separate matchmaking pool for Free Fire emulator players.

"Playing Free Fire using emulators on the PC with mouse and keyboard is different from using mobile devices. We've noticed that emulators are a popular method among Free Fire players. To provide an ideal gaming experience for all our players, we will be introducing an emulator matchmaking pool".

Free Fire Server
Free Fire emulator players cannot match with players on mobile anymore in Ranked matches.

Special notes for Free Fire emulator players

However, this matchmaking pool will only be available in Ranked Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches. Also, if a party has 1 emulator player, the whole party will be matched with other emulator players.

Players who use an emulator will have a symbol displayed during the team invite. Also, there will be a notification when an emulator player joins your party.

Having to play against emulator players while on mobile is a very frustrating experience for many players. With this step, Garena has created a more leveled playing field for mobile players.

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