Garena has finally released the OB30 patch after a long maintenance break yesterday. This is one of the biggest patches to date, with Free Fire Max's release and a lot of character balance changes. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best characters in Free Fire after the OB30 update.

1 - Alok

Alok is the gold quality for a balanced character in Free Fire. He has been unchanged for a long time, and pretty much all players know how to use him to the maximum efficiency. Alok skill provides the two most basic bonuses in the game: healing and speed.

This makes Alok useful in any situation and fits with any combo and any mode. The best part of this skill, however, is its long duration. 10 seconds of increased speed allow players to flank and rotate much easier.

Alok Free Fire
Alok is one of the best characters in Free Fire after the OB30 update.

2 - Dimitri

DJ characters seem to have the strongest and most balanced skills in Free Fire. Dimitri, ever since his release, has steadily risen to the top of the "best character" list. His ability, Healing Heartbeat, is somewhat similar to Alok. It creates a 3.5m healing zone that heals 3hp/seconds and allows users and allies to get up by themselves while knocked down.

While the cooldown of Dimitri's ability is not as fast as Alok's, it is still pretty spammable at 60s. The duration is fairly long - this allows you to pre-use the skill and move around instead of having to rely on timings.

Dimitri Top Up
Dimitri in Free Fire

3 - Jota

After the recent buff in OB29, Jota has become a much deadlier character now. His performance in the healing department is greatly improved, with sustained raids healing players when they hit enemies with guns. The more damage you deal, the more HP you gain.

While it is not as powerful as the previous version of Jota's ability, it works on any weapon and you don't have to knock down enemies to gain HP. This allows Jota to become a staple passive choice that fits all lineups.

Jota in Free Fire

4 - K/Captain Booyah

K, otherwise known as Captain Booyah, is one of the top-tier characters in Free Fire who does not have a cooldown whatsoever. While his ability only revolves around restoring EP and healing, you can switch between the modes with a super short cooldown.

This allows for much more flexibility in prolonged fights - you can keep firing without having to stop and heal. The duration of the skill is also unlimited - it is based on the amount of EP you have. If you combo this skill with Miguel's EP heal, your character would continue to heal for even longer.

K/Captain Booyah
K/Captain Booyah in Free Fire

5 - Skyler

Spamming Gloo Walls is super popular in Free Fire Squad mode, and with all those walls around, assaulting enemies' positions is risky. However, if you have at least one person with Skyler's power in your team, fights would be much easier.

Skyler's sonic wave can affect up to 5 gloo walls and for each wall destroyed, he gains an HP recovery effect. This is super useful if you are going to mount a push afterward.

Skyler is one of the most unique characters in Free Fire.

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