Pushing rank in Free Fire is a tricky challenge that all players have to face. Getting kills and dealing damage is one of the important factors that will increase your rank in Free Fire. Since you are facing people with the same skill level as yours, it is not simple to get kills, especially when your rank is high. However, many players have found a way to get around it and deal tons of damage every match more easily.

grandmaster free fire
Grandmaster players in Free Fire use this simple trick to get more rank.

The secret Free Fire trick to get more rank

It is very simple and any player in Free Fire can do it. To put it simply, the trick is to deal damage to your teammates in Squad using barrel explosions and then revive them. This method will increase your final damage output at the end of the match, thus giving you more rank points.

Since you don't need to face the enemy at all, it is quite safe to do this trick for extra rank points. However, there is something you should keep in mind when doing this Free Fire grandmaster tip:

  • Make sure that your squad knows what you are doing. Don't do it with strangers or you might get reported.
  • This trick is mostly used in the early game when the safe zone is large.
  • Choose your drop location at a place very far away, so there will be no enemy in your area.
  • 3 players stand next to a barrel, taking off their vests. The other player explodes the barrel and then revives everyone. Repeat it so all players in the squad have the same opportunity.
Free Fire Trick
Exploding the barrel to knock down all your teammates for more ranks.

The risk of this Free Fire trick is that your team will lose if there is an enemy squad nearby. That's why you need to scout out your area to make sure that no one will interrupt. With the new Thiva character, your teammate will be able to revive themselves while doing this trick.

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