Free Fire has previously pulled off successful collaborations with numerous stars, celebrities, television shows, multiple franchises, and more. Each time the game collabs, there's a massive event series that brings in new content and freebies. Popular collaborations with Alok, KSHMR, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Hrithik Roshan, even introduce playable characters.

So, when we heard Free Fire is secretively developing its next Venom 2 collaboration, we were over the moon. Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, one of the most awaited Marvel movies in 2021 will be hitting cinemas around the world next month. Does this mean we're getting a new blockbuster collab in October?

Free Fire Venom 2
If the leaks are true, this will be the first collab between Free Fire and Marvel.

Free Fire's Venom 2 Collaboration Leaks

Bart FF is among the top Free Fire data miners. He posted several pieces of evidence regarding the possible collaboration on his personal account.

The post reads: "Some references to Venom and Carnage were found in the text files of the next update. What further strengthens the theory, beyond the package name, is the release date of the movie."

Bart FF believes that the chance of this collaboration happening is really high. Additionally, he expects it to take place around the film's release date.

Free Fire Venom 2 Suit
Venom-themed items are under development.

Venom 2 Collaboration Exclusive Items

Bart FF managed to unearth some exciting news about the possible exclusive Venom-themed items in the collaboration. We may be getting:

  • Venom helmet
  • Time of Carnage: We are Venom emote
  • Esolio Time of Carnage
  • Bike - Time of Carnage
  • Time of Carnage Set
  • Blue Venom Token
  • Red Venom Token
  • Hybrid Venom Token
  • Carnage Time Backpack

Regarding the data miner's previous leaks, we're quite certain about a possible Venom 2 collaboration. In the past, Bart FF has successfully revealed Free Fire's partnership with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Street Fighter. However, we still cannot say for sure whether this collab will happen or not. But we'll definitely get out hopes up!

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