Free Fire Max has just been released a few days ago... and a lot of players have been moving in. One of the best features included in this version is account syncing - all existing progress in Free Fire can be synced to its Max version. However, there are players who prefer to have a fresh start. In this article, we are going to showcase how to level up faster in Free Fire Max.

1 - Grind ranked matches with a squad

Garena has put a lot of focus on Free Fire's ranked squad, and having a well-coordinated team is the easiest way for you to rank up quickly. While you might not get a lot of kills, your placement on the table would be higher, which weighs more into the exp distribution.

However, your squad needs to be good for this strategy to work. Therefore, try to communicate with the team member and work together instead of going alone and do your own thing.

Free Fire Clash Squad Season
Play as a squad for placement points is the main method to level up fast in Free Fire Max.

2 - Play solo against duo or squad

Play solo vs squad if you are confident that you can dominate other players in your skill bracket. Going against more than 1 player is always tricky, as knocked out players can always be revived by their teammates. However, this way you would get more kills than usual, as teams won't kill each other as fast.

It is best to use long range weapons like Sniper or marksman rifles if you are going to do this, as going 1 vs 4 in Free Fire can get you killed pretty fast.

3 - Play on Kalahari

Kalahari is the smallest map in Free Fire, and because of that, matches on this map are usually shorter. The shorter the match, the longer the time you have to find another match to play, which leads to higher exp gain. You should be more careful while playing on this map, as its lower size leads to intense combat quite early. Practice is the key.

Kalahari is the best map for level up faster in Free Fire Max.

4 - Do all daily missions

Similar to the normal version, there are a lot of daily missions that players can complete in Free Fire Max. These missions yield decent rewards once completed, and clearing them out every day would speed up your leveling process greatly. Overall, most of these missions are easy and can be completed in just a few games.

5 - Use exp cards

Exp cards or experience cards are items that double the experience points of players for a period of time. They can be bought from the Power Up section in the in-game store using diamonds or received as event rewards. Players should focus on grinding with this card active to get more levels in Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Exp Card
Free Fire's exp and gold cards.

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