Free Fire Max has been released a few days ago, offering new features to players such as great graphics, 360 lobby, Craftland,... To celebrate Free Fire Max, Garena released a new Max The Fire event with many rewards for players to claim. including the M4A1 Skull Punker skin. In this article, we will show you how to get the skin along with all the rewards.

Max The Fire event lasts from September 30 to October 11. Joining this Free Fire Max event, players will have the chance to get many rewards, including pre-register rewards, Craftland map created rewards and Max Mission rewards.

Pre-register rewards at Max The Fire event

Players can now receive their Free Fire Max pre-register rewards. This includes the Milestone rewards and the Invitation rewards.

 Free Fire Max Pre Register Rewards
Free Fire Max Pre Register Rewards

List of Milestone rewards:

  • Max Raychaser pant skin
  • A 2 Gold Royale Voucher
  • Max Raychaser Facepaint
  •  Cyber Max Skyboard
  • Max Raychaser head skin

List of Invitation rewards:

  • 1 user - Max Raychaser shoe skin
  • 2 users - Max Raychaser mask skin
  • 3 users - Max Raychaser shirt skin
  • 4 users - Cyber Max Loot Box
  • 5 users - 10 Diamond Royale Vouchers

Craftland map created rewards

Players will be able to claim different rewards, including the M4A1 Skull Punker skin by making new maps in Craftland. When the total Craftland maps created reach certain numbers, rewards will be unlocked. Here are the details:

  • 250k maps created - Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 500k maps created - 3 Wilderness Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
  • 750k maps created - Skull Punker Pin skin
  • 999k maps created - M4A1 Skull Punker skin

To create a Craftland map, go to the game mode and choose Craftland. Pick items to place and design your maps. When you are done, save it to your phone.

Max The Fire Event
Create Craftland maps to receive rewards.

Max Mission rewards

Complete daily missions in the event to get MAX Token. You can use these MAX Tokens to get various rewards, including the Skull Rocker bundle. Here are the missions:

  • Play 1 game
  • Play 2 CS rank games
  • Kill 5 enemies
  • Playtime reach 30 minutes

You can exchange 15 MAX Token for the Skull Rocker Bundle.

Max The Fire Mission
Complete Max missions to get MAX Token and exchange for rewards.

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