To celebrate Free Fire Max's debut, Garena has released yet another event in which players can get new rewards. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get the Skull Rocker Bundle for Free in Free Fire.

1 - How to get the Skull Rocker Bundle via Max Missions

The Max Missions event runs from September 30 to October 11. This event allows players to gather Max Tokens and exchange them for various rewards, with the grand prize being the Skull Rocker Bundle. Tokens can be acquired by completing missions that are revealed later.

Free Fire Free Skull Rocker Bundle
Free Fire;s new Max the Fire event

To access the event, just click on the calendar icon and tap on Max Missions. Players can use their Max Tokens to redeem the following rewards:

  • Random Load Out Loot Crate – 1 Max Token
  • Lively Beast Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Max Tokens
  • Craftland Room Card for one match – 4 Max Tokens
  • Skull Rocker Bundle – 15 Max Tokens

Overall, this bundle and the Craftland room card are the most valuable prizes on the list. The latter is a ticket that allows players can use this to customize their own Craftland room, the newest feature in Free Fire Max.

This is one of the events to commemorate the release of Free Fire Max

2 - About the Skull Rocker Bundle

The skull rocker bundle is the female counterpart of the Blood-Skull Rocker bundle, released in November last year. It is one of the sexiest bundles in Free Fire, with exposed thighs, navel and cleavage. The best looking part of the bundle is probably its green jacket.

The skull rocker bundle in Free Fire
This is one of the most attractive female bundles in the game.

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