Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 9 has arrived, which means players' ranks have been reset and all players will start over with the new season. In the OB30 update, Garena has made several additions, along with many nerfs and buffs to weapons in Free Fire. This will affect a lot to the choice of weapons of players to push rank in Ranked Free Fire Clash Squad Season 9.


With the nerf to the Vector in the OB30 update, the MAG-7 has just got better. This shotgun has a high rate of fire and decent range. It also has a large magazine so you make a series of shots, unlike the M1887. The MAG-7 is certain one of the must-pick weapons in Ranked Free Fire Clash Squad Season 9.

Mag7 Free Fire 28e9
The MAG-7 basically just became stronger because of the vector nerf.


The XM8 is a great choice if you want to support your teammate from the back. The XM8 is an AR with a high range, damage, and rate of fire. However, this weapon also has high recoil than the like of M4A1 and SCAR.

Supporting your teammate from the back is very important while not too hard. You will be mostly in a safe position and don't have to move around a lot. While the supporting position doesn't sound glorious, it contributes greatly to the victory of your team.

Free Fire Xm8 Stats
The XM8 is a great weapon to support your teammate from far away in Clash Squad.


The MP5-X is another great option in Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Season 9. It is a decent SMG while having a very cheap price. In addition, the MP5-X has a higher effective range than many other SMG, which makes it a more versatile weapon in Ranked Free Fire Clash Squad.

The MP5 is a cheap and effective SMG in Free Fire.

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